Byrne Ford Kedron Announces New Million-dollar Showroom

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Photo credit: Byrne Ford/Google Maps

Renowned Brisbane car dealer Byrne Ford will soon open a $1 million showroom, which is set to replace its existing showroom in Kedron.

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The new Inner North showroom will feature seven multiple reception areas, state-of-the-art offices, and a space that can accommodate up to eight cars. It will also have a customer lounge which comes equipped with a coffee machine and comfortable furniture.

It will have a three-bay delivery zone, which features electric Smart Tech doors worth $55,000 each.

The brand new showroom is set to replace the existing one, which has been the go-to for those looking for brand new and used Ford and FPV vehicles. The team of dealers at Byrne Ford are known for giving buyers access to a wide range of lenders across the country, helping buyers find the right Ford vehicles for them.

Buyers are encouraged to visit Byrne Ford’s showroom, which is set to open to the public in July 2022. For more information about the new showroom, contact Byrne Ford or follow their Facebook page for updates.

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About Byrne Ford

Photo credit: Byrne Ford/Facebook

Byrne Ford is part of the Byrne Auto Group, which is a family-owned organisation based in Brisbane.

Known as one of the leading Ford and FPV dealers throughout Brisbane, Byrne Ford has over 200 new/pre-inspected and used vehicles.

Byrne Ford’s Sales facility can be found at 496-512 Gympie Road Kedron and offers customers an extensive selection of Ford vehicles and pre-owned vehicles. Opened in 2010, they have had sales, service, parts, finance and accessories departments.