Coles at Kedron Is Winning People’s Approval

Photo Credit: Coles Facebook

Coles has just opened at Kedron on the 30th of September but it is already gaining rave reviews from the community. The people are particularly impressed about the convenience in parking and the range of products available at the centre.

Parking at the Kedron branch has been designed with ample spaces between parking bays. This has allowed patrons to safely manoeuvre their shopping carts without hitting the car parked next to them. Parents have been particularly impressed as the parking bays also permit them to load and unload their children without causing trouble to other vehicles.

Opened on 30 Sep 17. Full line Supermarket with Liquor and Petrol. Great customer service and a wide range of products. Instore Bakery, Fresh Produce, Delicatessen with Salad Bar, extensive Cheese range. Plus a good Health Food and Vegetarian range. Cafe operated by an independent operator. – Andrew Aschman

The new design store offers a vast range of fresh produce and deli items at the entrance side of the store. Stocks a very good range of grocery items, and has a petrol outlet and liquor store in the complex, along with a coffee shop in the carpark. Great to see a modern grocery store located in Kedron at last – Mark Coleman

Amazing, best Coles ever! Staff are always attentive and friendly, produce is always fresh and well stocked… parking is excellent. Will definitely be making this my go to grocery store! – Ella Grace

Meanwhile, 12 of Coles’ brands have clinched much coveted spots in the recently concluded Product of The Year. More than 13,000 Australians have been surveyed by Nielsen in a bid to know the different brands that they would highly recommend.

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Aside from the 12 Coles brands voted for the award, the Nielsen survey has also found that Coles provides the best shopping environment and experience overall for retailers. Shoppers have also voted Coles as being the first to have new products on its shelves, as well as having the most appealing home brands.

The 12 Coles brands which won the Product of the Year award are as follows:

· Coles Comfy Bots Nappies
· Coles Comfy Bots Baby Wipes
· Coles Organic Baby Food Pouches
· Coles Blueberry Cheesecake
· Coles Belgian Chocolate
· Coles Chilled Soups
· Coles Gloves Variety Pack
· Coles Australian Vegetable Rice and Noodles range
· Coles Smoothies
· Coles Crumbed Chicken
· Coles Stone Baked Pizza Bases
· Coles Chilled Ready Meals

Product of the Year Director Sarah Connelly explained that winning the award is huge affirmation of approval from the Australian public.

“Shoppers can be confident when they are buying products – whether it be fresh food, beauty items or larger purchases such as electric toothbrushes – that all the guess work has already been taken out by shoppers just like themselves.”

Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted award which was established 30 years ago in France. It guides consumers to the best products in the market while the award is a strong marketing for manufacturers and establishments like Coles.

Coles at Kedron is located at 346 Gympie Road.