Dog Friendly Café Lets Kedron Pet Lovers Enjoy Time With Furry Friends

With a growing number of pet friendly cafés in the neighbourhood, Kedron locals are getting to enjoy eating out with their furry friend.

One such café according such hospitality to pet dogs is Nana and Da’s, a licensed café in Kedron. Nana and Da’s has an outdoor dining area where pets are allowed.

Many locals are also pet owners, so after they walk their pets, they head over to the café to enjoy a meal or a sip of coffee. Nana and Da’s owner noticed that the outdoor dining area has become popular among dog owners.

Nana and Da’s, located at Homebush Rd, Kedron, serves home-style food and coffee to customers. Your four-legged friend will feel welcome as they have a water bowl at the front to quench your pet’s thirst.

Get directions to Nana and Da’s.

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