Emergency ‘Kerbside Collection’ for Flood-Damaged Items Underway

Kerbside Collection
Photo Credit: CrJaredCassidy/Facebook

As clean-up efforts commence in Kedron and many parts of Brisbane, an emergency collection will also be underway to pick up heaps of flood-damaged items from many homes.

For this emergency collection, residents are allowed to leave their flood waste and damaged items by the kerb as Brisbane City Council rolls out their free collection as of 1 March 2022.

This is not part of the regular Kerbside Collection program. It is a separate initiative meant to be part of Brisbane’s clean up and recovery efforts.

Cr Fiona Hammond’s office is providing information on the pick-up coverage and assistance on how to get on the list if you are not in it.

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According to Council, delivery of new bins to those who require them will be prioritised as well to ensure that the locals have somewhere to dispose of their rubbish.

If able, residents are also encouraged to take their flood-related rubbish at Council’s four resource recovery centres in Nudgee Beach, Willawong, Chandler, and Ferny Grove free of charge. Locals may also get in touch with their local officials for further assistance in case the collectors have yet to come by their streets. 

“We are gearing up to work our way across the city to help clean up where it is safe to do so,” Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said.  

“In order to prioritise the collection of flood-affected material, all general kerbside collection has been temporarily paused.”

“However, there are still many areas along the Brisbane River that are expected to experience more flooding as the tide rises and falls. If your property is in an area that experiences river flooding, please delay the clean-up until it is safe to do so.”

Photo Credit: AdrianSchrinner/Facebook

Meanwhile, the Kedron-Wavell Services Club is one of two main evacuation sites for displaced residents. The other evacuation centre is at Sleeman Sports Complex in Chandler. Locals may phone 3403 8888 for further assistance regarding the temporary shelter.

Residents may also sign up for Mud Army 2.0. If you want to take part, register as an emergency volunteer. If you or your neighbours have been impacted by floodwaters, the Mud Army 2.0 will be deployed in your location. You should also register to get help.