Experience Thrills For the School Holidays at the Futuristic Playscape in Bradbury Park

Kedron Bradbury Park
Photo Credit: BCC

Kedron’s Bradbury Park has undergone a remarkable transformation just in time for the school holidays, with a new, futuristic playscape for older kids, updated play areas for activities that include cricket and netball, and spaces for the whole family to gather, pets included.

Located at 91 Kitchener Road, Bradbury Park has long been a popular recreational spot for the community. Designed to cater to children aged 10 to 15, the park now boasts a revitalised playscape, complete with climbing towers, bridges, and whimsical play structures. The exciting additions to the park aim to provide older kids with an engaging and thrilling outdoor experience.

Aside from the new playscape, families can enjoy a range of amenities, including shady spots for picnics, electric barbecue facilities, and various sporting facilities like cricket nets and a netball facility. 

The introduction of the futuristic playscape fills a gap in the recreational offerings for older kids in the area. With indoor play centres often being expensive, this innovative outdoor play area provides a more accessible and affordable option for families.

Bradbury Park Kedron
Photo Credit: BrisbaneCityCouncil

The park also features a dog off-leash area, making it a suitable destination for the entire family. Parents and children alike have expressed their gratitude for the addition, praising the park as an amazing and much-needed facility.

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However, one visitor did offer a word of caution, advising others to wear dark clothes when visiting the playscape. The wooden structures in the park have been charred, resulting in black residue. Whilst this may not deter the adventurous spirits of children, it’s important for parents to be aware. 

Bradbury Park Kedron
Photo Credit: BrisbaneCityCouncil

The Bradbury Park improvement project is part of Brisbane City Council’s commitment to enhancing and maintaining over 2100 parks across the city. As the Marchant ward continues to grow, it is crucial to ensure that parks can cater to the recreational needs of residents.

The project has been a collaborative effort between Brisbane City Council and the community. Extensive community engagement was conducted in late 2019 to gather feedback and ensure the park’s enhancements align with the community’s desires.

Published 3 July 2023