Farm House Kedron Hires Security to Protect Staffers Against Abuse Over Vaccine Mandate

Farm House Kedron
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Diners who visit Farm House Kedron should expect to undergo a thorough check-in process with a staff and security guard before they enter the restaurant to ensure compliance with the state’s newly-implemented vaccine mandate.

Owner John Scott confirmed that they hired security staff to prevent any abuse of their hospitality workers, who are only complying with the rules so Farm House Kedron won’t incur a costly fine from the government.

Mr Scott said that businesses in Queensland that do not conduct a proper COVID-19 check-in could be fined between $6,000 and $13,000. The cost of paying for security will not matter if it means protecting Farm House Kedron’s service staff from incurring abuse from diners who refuse to follow the mandate, which was implemented beginning 17 December 2021.

That weekend, a man who could not show his vaccination certificate but wanted to dine inside accused Felipe Rizzi, the Kedron restaurant’s manager, of discrimination. Mr Rizzi also dealt with a customer who yelled at him and a law enforcer who insisted on being allowed inside the restaurant because he had a badge but no proof of vaccination. 

Photo Credit: FarmHouseKedron/Facebook

“Our biggest thanks and sincerest apologies to our extremely hard working Manager Felipe Rizzi for the abuse he has endured today, by following the government mandate, and requesting guests show proof of vaccination,” the management posted on their social media pages, stating that they have given Mr Rizzi a few days off so he could recover from the abuse. 

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“From the man screaming at him and accusing him of discrimination, to the lady yelling ‘I have money to spend’ and the law enforcement agent who asked to be let in on a badge instead of a certificate…For those who we could not tell whether it was ‘a trick’ to see if he would bend, or really just belligerence – we apologise.”

“If you wish to complain please email but please refrain from abusing our team, who like everyone else, come to work to earn a living.”

Mr Rizzi said that there were customers who seemed to be unaware of the vaccination mandate but this didn’t justify their rude behavior towards the staff. However, 99 per cent of their visitors have been respectful, compliant, and actually pleased to have the popular eatery re-open at full capacity for vaccinated guests. 

Photo Credit: FarmHouseKedron/Facebook

Per Queensland Government, the following restrictions will apply to the unvaccinated in the hospitality setting:

Photo Credit: Screen Grab from QLD Health

Learn more about the mandate and what fully vaccinated people, or those who’ve had two doses of COVID-19, should carry with them if they are going outside from the official site.