Farm House Pays Tribute to Fresh Food Producers


A new café and restaurant has opened in Kedron with an aim to pay tribute to family farms and fresh food producers.

Located at the old site of Farmer Joe’s, the Farm House Kedron serves delicious and healthy dishes using ingredients sourced from local and regional fresh food producers and dairy farms.

The Farm House is sort of a continuation of the farm house theme of Farmer Joe’s, which was forced to close in 2009 to make way for construction of a new road. The food venue offers its own twist on classic breakfast favourites and traditional comfort foods.

Fresh, Healthy Menu

A typical breakfast at The Farm House Kedron will help guests meet required fruit and vegetable intake.

Owners Amanda and John Scott want their restaurant to be part of the solution to health problems by providing healthy options to its guests.

A recent study by CSIRO indicated that 4 out of 5 Australians are not eating enough fruits and vegetables. A big factor contributing to this issue is people’s search for convenience.

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People tend to eat out more and when they do, they don’t get as many vegetable or fruit options. This is one health issue that farm-to-fork restaurants such as The Farm House aim to address.

Supporting Local Farmers

The restaurant’s objective is to take fresh farm produce to the table without much fuss. At the same time, the Farm House is providing much needed support for regional and local farmers.

Top quality ingredients used in the kitchen come from farms in the southeast. The couple hopes to add more local farmers to its list of suppliers.

Amanda is pleased at how locals have responded to the opening of the café and restaurant this month. The plan was to open quietly, but it came to a point where they ran out of seats and food to serve during the soft launch.

The Farm House Kedron is located at 9 Somerset Road in Kedron. It serves breakfast, lunch, drinks and coffee from 6:30 am to 4:00 pm from Monday to Friday and from 7am to 3 pm on weekends.

To find out more about the Farm House, visit their website at

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