What You Need to Know About Gympie Road Bus Stops and On-Street Parking Proposal Changes

Photo Credit: Google Map

After a consultation with the community, including Kedron residents, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has made changes to the Northern Transitway bus stops and on-street parking proposal on Gympie Road.

With the construction of the transitway set for late 2020, officials say that the bus networks will continually undergo refinement in consideration of the feedback from the community. 

“We held a series of community information sessions last year and received 185 pieces of individual feedback on the proposed Northern Transitway plan,” TMR Minister Mark Bailey said. 

“The main issues raised by the community were the removal of the bus stops and on-street parking.”

In its bid to manage the congestion on this busy arterial road — which links Gympie Road, Sadlier Street, Hamilton Road, Kedron and Chermside — TMR has implemented the following changes to the proposed design: 

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1. Bus Lane Operating Hours

Bus lanes on Gympie Road, between Sadlier Street and Hamilton Road, will be operational during weekday peak periods only, from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. This means that outside of these hours, on-street parking on Gympie Road will be open to local businesses and their customers. Emergency vehicles may still be allowed to use the bus lanes during bus operating hours.

2. Bus Stop Near Coles 

Two bus stops near Coles, at the Strathmore Street and Castle Street intersection in Kedron, will NOT be removed. Commuters and customers of the supermarket chain may still benefit from the bus service without interruption.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

3. Gympie Road No Parking Areas

Motorists are expected to strictly observe “no parking” near bus stops and intersections of up to 100 metres at all times. 

4. Additional Access Changes

New traffic signals will be installed at the Gympie Road and Boothby Street intersection. This site will also have right-turn lane and u-turn lane access to improve traffic safety. 

“The changes mean commuters will still enjoy quicker travel during the high demand peak periods, while Gympie Road businesses will keep on-street parking for their customers for large parts of the day and all day on weekends,” Mr Bailey said. 

For more information about the Northern Transitway project, visit the official site.