Here’s The Story Behind Stafford’s Unique Fig Tree

fig tree stafford
The fig tree at Hayward St (Photo credit: Integrated MMA/Google Maps)

If you’ve ever wondered about the story behind the ‘living mural’ of a fig tree along Hayward St in Stafford, read on! Here’s how this amazing tree that doubles as an amazing work of art came into being.

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Eight years ago, Athlete Adrian Pang, the owner and one of the coaches at Integrated MMA, discovered a seedling growing in a shed next to his gym. 

A self-confessed ‘amateur’ when it comes to growing fig trees, Adrian asked his neighbours’ permission if he could grow and maintain a tree and to his delight, they said yes!

The tree has helped bring good energy and some calming zen to Adrian’s life. At the time, Adrian was training for his hardcore fighting at IMMA. Also known as “The Hunter” in the world of MMA, Adrian is considered as one of the legends in the lightweight division.

Photo credit: Adrian ” Hunter ” Pang/Facebook

In general, fig trees are easy to grow and care for but they require some maintenance because they grow so fast, especially during the warmer months. Fig trees can grow from 15 to 30 ft tall but careful pruning can keep them at a manageable height. 

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As for his tree, Adrian would trim it every few months, tack the branches to the wall. and screw the loose branches into place with metal so they would spread out. Doing these things ensured that the tree will grow along the shed and not outwards.

Hayward St’s urban jungle-themed laneway (Photo credit: Robert Garvey/Google Maps)

Todaym the tree blends in beautifully with the laneway’s ‘urban jungle’ theme. Adrian even placed some solar lights among the branches of the tree, which when lit, makes for a captivating sight at night. 

Because of Adrian’s tender loving care, the tree has flourished and is now a neighbourhood attraction at Hayward Street.

You can find a lot of street art throughout the city, but Adrian’s ‘masterpiece’ is one of the most unique ones, a ‘living mural’ serving as a great example of street art fusing with nature.