Intersection in Kedron a Fines Frenzy with 700+ Notices

Intersection in Kedron
Speed camera sign at Lutwyche Road intersection with Kedron Park Road (Photo credit: Google Street View)

The busy intersection of Lutwyche Road and Kedron Park was one of the state’s top hotspots for traffic infringements as of the end of the 2023 financial year, new data reveals.

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According to the Queensland Revenue Office, some 716 notices were issued for offences detected at this intersection, a particular trouble spot for both red light and speeding violations.

Photo credit: Google Street View

Across Queensland, a total of 156,000 fixed speed camera notices and 23,281 red light camera notices were handed out over the 12-month period.

Fixed speed cameras are permanently installed to enforce speed limits, while red light cameras target drivers running red lights at intersections with a high crash history. Strict criteria is used to determine where the intersection cameras are placed, based on factors like the number, causes and severity of crashes over the prior five years.

Despite the number of speeding fines decreasing from the previous year’s total of 186,942, concerningly the state’s road toll from speeding incidents actually increased from 52 fatalities in 2017 to 88 last year.

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Concerns on Road Safety

Photo credit: Google Street View

RACQ’s Head of Public Policy Dr Michael Kane warned that people are not paying sufficient attention when they are driving. He added that they are not paying attention to speed or when approaching intersections and potentially going through red lights.

Dr Kane said both inattentive driving and deliberately flouting road rules were contributing to serious crashes and fatalities on Queensland roads. The latest RACQ survey shows public concern is rising over issues like speeding, reckless driving and road aggression.

A spokesperson for the Department of Transport and Main Roads said all money collected from traffic fines is reinvested into road safety initiatives and programs. They reiterated the importance of obeying speed limits and not running red lights, two of the “Fatal Five” high-risk driving behaviours alongside drink/drug driving, distraction and fatigue.

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With over 700 infringements at this single intersection in Kedron, the data is a stark reminder that more care needs to be taken by motorists at a local level. Paying attention, obeying road rules and driving safely are crucial steps to reducing the number of fines and, more importantly, making Queensland’s roads safer for everyone.

Published 4-May-2024