Kedron Football Club Aims to Reduce Energy Usage Through Community Grant

Kedron Football Club
Photo Credit: Google Maps

The Kedron Football Club, one of the oldest in Queensland, has secured funding support from the Community Sustainability Action grant, a program designed to support sustainable practices and reduce energy consumption among its recipients. 

The historic football club, founded in 1937, will utilise the grant of $30,000 to upgrade and install high-efficiency LED lighting at its fields, contributing to a significant reduction in energy usage and associated costs.

Kedron Football Club is among 68 community groups and not-for-profit organizations selected to receive funding under the Community Sustainability Action grant program.

These groups will share more than $3.4 million in funding for projects aimed at reducing emissions, cutting energy costs, and enhancing local resilience.

With this grant, the club will be able to implement the latest technologies, including renewable energy systems and energy-efficient lighting, as well as foster sustainability.

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“Our community groups do such incredible work on the ground and it’s great to see funding go towards projects that can help them reduce their costs as well as their emissions,” Leanne Linard, Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef said. 

Kedron AFC 1965
Photo Credit: Kedron Lions/Facebook

With its rich history dating back over eight decades, the Kedron Football Club stands as one of the oldest clubs in the league. The club’s formation was the result of the amalgamation between Kedron and Wooloowin Past Pupil’s Associations, and its founding members. 

From its early years, Kedron AFC members have exhibited their prowess on the field, clinching their first premiership success in its second 18’s in the inaugural season. The club’s dedication to excellence continued through the decades, securing multiple premierships and fostering an intense rivalry with Windsor Football Club.

Kedron AFC
Photo Credit: Hendrik van der Kamp/Kedron Lions/Facebook

In a strategic merger, Kedron Football Club joined forces with Wilston Grange in 1989 to form the Kedron Grange Football Club, known as the “Demons.” However, the merged entity faced challenges, leading to its eventual dissolution.

By 2006, Kedron Football Club had made a triumphant return to senior football and remained resilient in its pursuit of excellence.

“The Palaszczuk Government is committed to taking action on climate change and increasing renewable energy use in our state to 80 per cent by 2035,” Leanne Linard, Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, expressed enthusiasm for the community’s commitment to climate change action. 

“The overwhelming interest shown by community groups in this grant round points to the priority Queenslanders now place on taking climate change action,” she added.

Supporters view the Club’s dedication to both its sporting legacy and the environment as a commendable example for the community. 

Published 8-Aug-2023