Mount Alvernia College Kedron Students Compete in ESU Public Speaking Competition Finals

Mount Alvernia College
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Three talented students from Mount Alvernia College in Kedron have secured spots in the grand finals of the prestigious English Speaking Union (ESU) Public Speaking Competition.  

The three students, Metben from Year 8, Millicent from Year 7, and Amaeh from Year 10 . will advance to the ESU finals in June, July, and August 2023.

The achievement is already a win for the school’s public speaking program. In early May 2023, the school concluded its first-ever public speaking workshops, titled “Mt A Speaks.”  which were aimed at enhancing students’ confidence, pronunciation, and non-verbal presentation skills. 

Photo Credit: Mount Alvernia/Facebook

The participants described the workshops as a “safe environment” where they gained valuable insights into elements such as tone and body language. The college congratulates the students who completed the workshops, applauding them as pioneers in the field of public speaking.

Photo Credit: Mount Alvernia/Facebook

About the ESU Public Speaking Competition

The English Speaking Union Public Speaking Competition is an internationally recognized event that brings together students aged 16 to 20 from over 50 countries around the world. It serves as the cornerstone of the English-Speaking Union’s mission, promoting oracy, cultural exchange, and fostering friendly rivalry among participants.

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The ESU, an international educational charity, is committed to advancing international understanding and human achievement through the English language. In Queensland, the ESU operates as a not-for-profit organization led by a board and supported by dedicated members and volunteers.

Throughout the year, the ESU (Queensland Branch) hosts a diverse range of events aligned with its objectives. These include the public speaking competition for secondary schools, featuring Junior, Intermediate, and Senior divisions across South-East Queensland, Toowoomba, and North Queensland. Additionally, the ESU organizes the Roly Sussex Short Story Competition, the annual Churchill oration and formal dinner, lectures, discussions, and cultural events. It also conducts workshops focused on public speaking, English language, and communication.

Mount Alvernia College takes immense pride in its students’ achievements and their representation in the grand finals of the ESU Public Speaking Competition. The college recognizes the importance of fostering effective communication skills and remains committed to providing opportunities for personal and academic growth for its students.

For more information about the ESU (Queensland Branch) and its programs, please visit their official website.

Published 1-June-2023