Kedron Residents Voice Concerns Over Potentially Hazardous Crossing on Gympie Road

crossing on gympie road
Gympie Road (Photo Credit: Google Street View)
Daniel Hooper byline

A potentially dangerous crossing on Gympie Road has been the subject of much concern among residents in Kedron.

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Several near misses and the presence of trip hazards caused by uneven ground have been worrying residents familiar with the controversial crossing. Compounding the issue are the ongoing bus works taking place at the same location.

These bus works are part of the Northern Transitway project, a large-scale initiative which involves constructing a dedicated bus lane on Gympie Road between Kedron and Chermside. Once completed, this project is expected to benefit over 5,000 people during peak periods each weekday. 

crossing on Gympie Road
Photo credit: Department of Transport and Main Roads

However, the safety of pedestrians at the said crossing on Gympie Road is currently safeguarded only by a rope barrier placed at the centre traffic island where Castle and Strathmore streets meet. The ongoing construction works have not only raised safety concerns but have also disrupted access to some establishments in the area. 

crossing on Gympie Road
Photo credit: Google Street View

In response to the situation, a spokesperson from the Department of Transport and Main Roads acknowledged that the pedestrian island would be rebuilt as part of the Northern Transitway project. 

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The works are expected to be completed by late June 2023, assuming construction progresses smoothly and weather conditions permit. The entire project covers a 2.3km corridor along Gympie Arterial Road between Sadlier Street in Kedron and Hamilton Road in Chermside.

Meanwhile, Councillor for Marchant Ward Fiona Hammond has been actively involved in addressing the issue, having received multiple calls from concerned locals, particularly those worrying about schoolchildren and elderly individuals who must cross the road daily. 

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Cr Hammond said she has already urged the State Government to promptly review the works and prioritise safety measures in the area.

Published 22-June-2023