Kedron State High School Debating Team Beats Powerhouses at State Debate

Kedron State High School
Photo Credit: KedronSHS/Facebook

Once dubbed the underdog, the Kedron State High School debating team has emerged victorious at the 2022 Queensland Debating Union Grand Final, beating elite squads from private schools like Brisbane Girls Grammar and Brisbane Boys’ College.

Year 12 students Hugo Hall, Bede House, Calvin Liu, and Jack Turner did their school proud as they were named champions of the prestigious competition, after knocking back two of its toughest opponents in the quarter and semi-final rounds.

The loudest cheers were heard at the spot where a large continent of Kedron SHS watched the debates on implementing a Universal Basic Income at the Somerville House on Wednesday, 24th Aug 2022.

According to Lui, the team’s vice-captain, the community’s support “lit a flame” that pushed them to be confident about beating the powerhouses.

The victory has been sweeter as Kedron State High School is a fairly young and small team, under the mentorship of its former student and English teacher Ryan Taylor-Davis. They admittedly had nerves knowing the accomplishments of Brisbane Girls Grammar and Brisbane Boys’ College, which have been training longer and have bigger teams. 

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Also helping out the team as consultants were Jacob Morgan, James Shoring, Reily Chapman, Rowan Gray and Wilson Heslop, who were also part of the debating team when they attended Kedron State High School years ago. 

“The entire 2022 QDU Debating season, Hugo Hall, Bede House, Calvin Liu and Jack Turner lived the school motto “to strive is to shine”, working hard and acquitting themselves as gentlemen and scholars, but on Wednesday evening, they also proved themselves champions,” the school stated.