Kerbside Collection in Kedron: Dump it or GIVIT

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Kedron is next up for BCC’s kerbside collection pick-up on Monday, the 21st of August. It’s the time of the year again to get rid of those unwanted items inside your home that are just too big for the wheelie bins. Thinking about what to do with those items that you no longer need but seem to have a few good uses left in them?


One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

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Old blankets, rugs, and carpets; coffee makers, fans, and refrigerators that just need a little tinkering; sofas that need new upholstery to be reborn; faded cupboards and wooden furniture that are still usable; all of these can be placed on the kerbside.

However, one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. Why don’t you save these items from getting dumped and donate the items to charity?

According to the February 2017 NAB Charitable Giving Index, total charitable giving fell in Queensland by 2.5% over the year course since February 2016. This has made Queensland the lowest of all the states in terms of total donations.

Kedron residents who have usable items among their planned kerbside piles can show that their giving hearts by checking out charities that accept item donations.

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“We match generosity with genuine need.” — GIVIT

GIVIT is a national non-profit virtual organisation founded by CEO Juliette Wright. They support all agencies, services, and charities in Australia to store, sort out, and distribute the donations to specific individuals or communities who exactly need the items.

This virtual organisation is currently supporting over 1,240 charities and community service providers all over Australia. The Kedron-based charities Cystic Fibrosis Queensland and Meals On Wheels are just two of the charities that GIVIT supports.


How to Donate?

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Interested donors can check the list of the items needed by other people and the charities. Some of the items that are often needed are the blankets, rugs, toys, beddings, and some kinds of big furniture or appliances.

GIVIT does not deliver or pick-up items, but they can provide the recipient’s contact details of people who can help you sort out the transportation and delivery of the items.

Donors can also pledge the items into the virtual warehouse by registering every item on their website with specifications on the delivery preferences. Just be mindful of the list of prohibited items to avoid inconvenience.


Recycle to Donate

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You can donate as much as you can, but make sure these items are usable. People in need deserve to receive quality items, too. Charitable institutions do not accept defective items that are worn out, because they don’t receive funding from the government to refurbish these items.

Recycle and refurbish the items you think that other people can still use. Recycling can also be great QT for the whole family. The kids will want to get their hands involved in this creative activity.


No Time to Recycle?

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If recycling is not your thing or if you simply have no time to make it your thing, BCC has another option on how to get rid of your clutter. The Resource Recovery Centre is open for both recyclable and green or general waste. The centres are located at Nudgee, Willawong, Ferny Grove, and Chandler.

The centres turn over all recyclable items that they receive to the tip shops in Acacia Ridge and Geebung. The tip shops are operated by the Endeavour Foundation, one of the largest non-government organisations in the country that helps people with disabilities.

Items for sale includes household furnishings, collectables, books, and toys. The shops are only open on Saturdays and Sundays, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. All of the proceeds are reinvested back into providing assistance to people with disabilities.

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By donating, you can get rid of your unwanted items and help people in need at the same time. Kerbside Collection only happens once a year, but donating can happen anytime. Plan your piles and look at what you consider to be “trash.” See if you should dump it or GIVIT.