Locals Not Keen About New 12-storey Towers Pitched For Lutwyche


Developers are looking to build two 12-storey mixed-use towers on a 7,332 sqm site at 612 Lutwyche Road and 53 and 57 Lamington Avenue, Lutwyche. 

Designed by Conrad Gargett, the application seeks to build residential towers with a retail complex, cinemas, and healthcare centre. Architectural plans show it will have a public laneway with footbridges that will connect the towers.

A key feature of the development will be a market hall similar to the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne and Borough Market in Southwark, London. It will also include an urban farm restaurant which can be accessed by the public and the residents alike. The developer notes the towers will “create an impression of a cohesive neighbourhood within the skyline.”

The applicant originally proposed a building height of 14 storeys for the southern tower and 21 storeys for the northern tower. However, the height has been reduced to a maximum of 12 storeys for both towers because a building height in excess of 12 storeys is not supported in the area.

All of the existing lots have residential dwellings on them with the exception of 612 Lutwyche Road, which is currently vacant. The properties on 53 and 57 Lamington Avenue will have to be removed as part of this proposal.

Whilst some locals welcome the development, some residents fear it will further overcrowd traffic and road usage in the small precinct of Lutwyche and Lamington Road.

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 “Residents in the area on Lamington Avenue and surrounding roads will have additional traffic to deal with when accessing/departing their properties. Parking in the neighbourhood is already overloaded with commuters, adding this facility will further restrict residential parking and access.”

The resident added that the plan seems to conflict with the planned changes for the Brisbane north bikeway connecting to the Kedron Brook Bikeway. “The anticipated increase in traffic will inherently make the proposed bike route dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians.”

Meanwhile, the application states The BCC Local Area Plan identifies the site as a retail hub and encourages mixed use developments up to 12 levels. It emphasizes that the mixture of retail spaces, small office tenancies, boutique cinema, restaurant tenancies, residential units and generous public spaces facilitate a new destination for Lutwyche and beyond.

For more information about the proposed towers, see Full DA-A005365420.