North Brisbane Community Policing Board Use Coasters to Help Stop DV

Photo credit: 3839153 / Pixabay

In a bid to promote community awareness and help stop domestic violence, the Brisbane North Community Policing Board will use coasters to be distributed in Hemmant and Stafford.

The Brisbane North Community Policing Board was established to provide a platform for locals to raise their concerns on crime and related community issues. The aim is to allow discussions by local residents in order to foster partnerships and address issues associated with crime to promote safety and security.

The “Board” consists of representatives from a broad cross section of the local community who regularly meets to discuss relevant local issues. Several sub committees, including the Domestic Violence and Vulnerable Persons sub committee, were also formed to help improve environmental safety and security by connecting the community with local service providers

The Domestic Violence and Vulnerable Persons sub committee, for their part, has launched an initiative to raise awareness through their Domestic Violence Awareness Strategy that will involve working with sporting partners such as the NRL, AFL, A-League, Rugby Union and Cricket about messaging at major sporting venues.

Also, in partnership with Lives Lived Well, the Committee will distribute 2,000 coasters at the Queens Port Tavern at Hemmant and the Groves Sports Club at Stafford.

Queensland Crime Statistics – North Brisbane District (All Offences 2001- January 2018)
Photo credit: State of Queensland (Queensland Police Service) 2018/

About Lives Lived Well

Lives Lived Well is a not-for-profit organization that helps people who were impacted by drugs or alcohol as well as those with mental health concerns. They deliver a wide range of programs and services across Queensland and through Lyndon in NSW.

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In Queensland, Lives Lived Well, operates in more than 20 locations with outreach in to many more communities. They specialize in community-based counselling and group programs as well as live-in rehabilitation the Gold Coast, Logan, and Mareeba. An important aspect of their work is provide support to people in order for them to successfully re-enter the community upon release from custodial centres.