Police Encourages Stafford Locals to Prioritise their Own Safety

Kedron Brook
Photo credit: kedronbrook.org.au

To ensure the safety of all locals passing through the bike way of Kedron Brook in Stafford, the Gateway Crime Prevention Team went out for a little walk in early February 2019 to speak amongst the daily users of the said bike way.

A number of locals pound the pavements of Kedron Brook every day for either work or fitness purposes. Because to this, the local police encouraged everyone passing through the area to always be vigilant of their surroundings and to always be more aware of what is going on around them.

According to the police, it is always best for locals to carry their mobile phones with them whilst they do their day-to-day activities at Kedron Brook. By having their mobile phones in their pockets, locals can easily and immediately dial Triple Zero 000 or the Policelink 131 444 for any situation that needs to be reported, such as a crime or an emergency.

Another important reminder from the police is for the locals to listen, trust, and act on their instincts especially if they are placed upon an unsure situation.

Dogs on Patrol

Dogs on Patrol
Photo credit: mypolice.qld.gov.au

Part of the Queensland Police Service initiative is the Dogs on Patrol program. Dogs on Patrol encourages dog walkers within the community to take the responsibility of reporting to the police any spotted suspicious activity. All members of the Dogs on Patrol program are also encouraged to always stay connected within other walkers when they are out and about the neighbourhood.

Earlier this February 2019, as the police walked around the pavements of Kedron Brook, all residents who were out on their daily walks with their fur babies were quickly approached by the police to join the Dogs on Patrol program.

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The walkies of the local police along Kedron Brook bike way focus on encouraging more members of the community to always prioritise their own safety and also the safety of their entire community. Given the number of people passing through Kedron Brook daily, the local police needs everyone’s help and support in preventing any crime that may happen in the area in order to safeguard the neighbourhood’s overall security.

Also, feel free to say hello if given the chance you see any friendly local police having walkies again along Kedron Brook bike way.