Queen Of Apostles Catholic Primary School Welcomes 5 Sets Of Twins To Prep

Queen of Apostles Catholic Primary School
Photo credit: Queen of Apostles Primary School, Stafford/Facebook

Did you know that the Prep class at Stafford’s Queen of Apostles Catholic Primary School for this school year has not one, not two, but FIVE sets of twins?

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Some primary school teachers are seeing double after five sets of identical and non-identical twins enrolled in Prep for Term 1 in 2023, which started on 24 January. 

There are only two prep classes and a total of 52 prep students at the school, which means one in five of their students in the prep level is a twin.

Queen of Apostles
Photo credit: Queen of Apostles Primary School, Stafford/Facebook

Troy Parsons, principal at Queen Apostles Catholic Primary School said it was a unique experience. One set of twins attending the same school is already special, but five sets is already quite remarkable.

In a social media post, the school said they are excited to welcome the sets of twins for the new school year. 

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About Queen of Apostles Catholic Primary School 

The school is a coeducational catholic school offering placements from Prep to Year Six, with a current enrolment of 400 students.

They have a range of specialist activities for students, including sports and fitness program, swimming, dance, instrumental/string music program, and the Japanese program, offered tyo Years 3, 4, 5, and 6, which is a combination of Japanese language and culture.

They have a dedicated Early Years Campus, for Prep to Year 2, which offers all the opportunities of a larger school yet provide personalised and developmentally targeted learning for each student in these foundation years. 

The school is already accepting enrollees for Term 2024. For more details about enrolment at the school, visit their website at https://www.qofa.qld.edu.au/

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Queen of Apostles is located at 10 Thuruna St, Stafford whilst the Early Years campus is at 46 Chuter St, Stafford Heights.