Queensland Records 13th Measles Case of the Year, Visited Coles Kedron

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In the latest measles health alert from Queensland Health, a new case of measles was confirmed on Brisbane’s northside where the infected individual visited three locations including Coles Kedron located on Gympie Road.

Queensland Health published the latest alert last 17 April which stated that Metro North Hospital and Health Service has confirmed the latest measles case in Qld — the 13th case for the year — and said to have visited three establishments.

Queensland Health advises people to be on alert for the initial measles symptoms if they happened to have been in any of the following locations at these specific dates and times:

  • Priceline Pharmacy, Toombul Shopping Centre between 1:30 to 2:30pm on 11 April
  • Coles Kedron between 10 to 11am on 13 April
  • KC Dry Cleaners, Kent Road, Wooloowin on the morning of 13 April.

Symptoms usually start around 10 days after exposure but can manifest between seven and 18 days after contact with an infectious person. The initial symptoms of possible measles infection include fever, lethargy, runny nose, moist cough, and inflamed eyes.

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Rash breakout follows after a few days of infection which often starts as red spots on the head before spreading to the neck down to the rest of the body. The rash is typically accompanied by fever and the infected person could feel unwell during the first two days after the rash appears.

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What to do

Immediately contact a GP or call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84), if you think that you or a family member have measles. The attending staff will also take precautions to avoid further spread of the disease.

Whilst measles is no longer considered endemic in Australia, outbreaks still occur which many cases were found to have gotten infected by coming in contact with infectious persons coming from other countries.

Measles can result in pneumonia, encephalitis, middle ear infections, and subacute sclerosing panencephalitis or SSPE — a progressive neurological disorder, which can be fatal, that occurs within months or years after measles infection.

Prevention is key

Vaccination is free for all children aged 12 month and 18 months as well as children at four years of age who have not previously received a second dose of measles, mumps, rubella (MMR).

If you are born during or since 1966 and have not received two doses of MMR vaccine or had the diseases, then you are also eligible for the free vaccine. Two doses of MMR vaccine are needed to get a high level of protection.

Lastly, Queensland Health also recommends vaccination — not government funded, however —to health workers and people who work with children.