Rode Meats Under New Management As Owners Retire After 43 Years

Rode Meats
Photo Credit: Rode Meats/Facebook

After 43 years in the business, the couple behind Rode Meats, a beloved neighbourhood butcher shop in Stafford Heights, has retired and handed over the reins to new management.

Rode Meats isn’t closing, however. Brad and Julie will be passing on the business to a new owner, Will. With Will’s determination and commitment, customers will enjoy a reassuring continuity in the same legacy of quality and services that Rode Meats provides.

The enduring loyalty of the staff further bolsters this assurance, as familiar faces will remain to ensure the business retains its warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Rode Meats has been a mainstay at the Rode Road Shopping Centre since 1980, supplying premium meats and fostering community connections with generations of customers. 

Rode Meats Brad and Julie
Photo Credit: Rode Meats/Facebook

With heartfelt messages pouring in from customers, Brad and Julie conveyed their mixed emotions regarding their retirement. 

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Brad’s journey started as a 13-year-old clean-up boy and he expressed profound gratitude for the unwavering support of the community that propelled his and Julie’s dream to fruition. Julie, who handled the business operations behind the scenes, also bid a sentimental farewell to her role in the enterprise.

Brad’s promise to continue aiding during peak periods serves as a comforting reassurance that the transition is not a complete departure, but rather a seamless evolution.

“This isn’t a goodbye, I’ll still be around to help out around the busy periods. But for now, a massive thank you and a see you soon!” he said.  

Rode Meats
Photo Credit: Rode Meats/Facebook

Kay Meredith, a long-time customer, expressed her appreciation for the enriching experiences shared around the dinner table, while Tris Rowland commended the seamless transition the couple achieved after taking over from the previous owner.

Anne-Maree Houghton underscored the diverse array of products that had adorned countless dining tables throughout the years.

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