Shaw Estate Park Undergoes Exciting Transformation, Featuring New Family-Friendly Amenities

Shaw Estate Park
Photo credit: Google Maps

The long-awaited upgrades at Shaw Estate Park Family Hub in Kedron, which commenced construction in late October 2023, are now complete. At the heart of the new facility is a stunning double cableway flying fox, offering thrill-seekers of all ages a new, adrenaline-fueled experience.

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Alongside the exciting, new attractions, the park has also undergone a comprehensive upgrade, with the installation of a new picnic shelter, barbecue, and additional seating. Enhanced amenities include drinking fountains and enclosed bins, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience for visitors.

Photo credit: Larry Chand/Google Maps

Accessibility within the park has also been improved, with the upgrading of connecting pathways, and the introduction of new tree and garden bed plantings, creating a lush and inviting environment for families to explore.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. The nearby Wavell Park is also set to benefit from these upgrades, with the construction of new scooter and bike trick nodes along the pathway from the corner of Fourteenth Avenue and Benelong Street. 

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

These nodes will feature a boulders section, ride-through rings, and a moguls slide, catering to the needs of the community’s active adventurers.

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Furthermore, the new BMX/pump track, identified in the Brisbane Off-Road Cycling Strategy, is set to be unveiled, offering another thrilling addition to the park’s growing list of attractions.

Cr Allan with the Kedron Scout Group (Photo credit: Cr Adam Allan/Facebook)

Cr Adam Allan expressed his excitement for the Kedron Scout Group, whose public space is situated next to the Family Hub. “I am sure they will have a lot of enjoyment from the new addition to the Shaw Estate Park. A big thank you to the Kedron Scouts for their patience and understanding during construction.”

These park improvements and the new scooter/bike riding elements are poised to enhance the community’s active journey, providing a seamless and engaging experience for visitors as they explore the area, from Wavell Park to the family-friendly hub and the Mercer Park pump track.

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With the school holidays just around the corner, the local community is eagerly anticipating the grand opening of the Shaw Estate Park Family Hub, ready to embrace the new adventures and memories that await.

Published 5-April-2024