Stafford Highlighted in Disturbing Australia Post Dog Attack Data

Australia Post

New data reveals a troubling trend of dog attacks on postal workers, with the Brisbane suburb of Stafford emerging as a hotspot.

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Australia Post’s latest figures show Queensland leading the nation in such incidents, recording a staggering 466 dog-related events in the past six months alone.

This alarming statistic is part of a larger national issue, with over 1,420 dog safety incidents reported across Australia in the same period. The data, released on the 17th of June 2024, paints a concerning picture for postal workers, who face an average of 55 dog-related incidents each week.

The Ipswich suburb of Bundamba topped the list for southeastern Queensland, followed by Darra and Stafford in Brisbane. Video footage released by Australia Post captured several incidents where posties were chased and even bitten while on duty.

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Australia Post is urging dog owners to take responsibility for their pets, emphasising that even seemingly docile animals can display aggressive behaviour.

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Photo Credit: Australia Post

“While no single breed is more prone to aggression, we’re increasingly seeing smaller dogs exhibiting such behaviour,” a spokesperson noted.

Rod Maule, Australia Post General Manager of Safety and Wellbeing, highlighted the stress and anxiety these incidents cause for posties, who simply want to carry out their duties without fear of attack.

Photo Credit: Australia Post

Maule implores dog owners to secure their pets in a back garden, on a leash, or in a separate room when expecting deliveries, regardless of breed or temperament. He also suggests utilising parcel lockers as an alternative for those unable to safely restrain their dogs.

Australia Post has made it clear that deliveries will not be made if deemed unsafe and will cease altogether until the situation is resolved. Additionally, dog-related incidents are reported to local councils to ensure appropriate action is taken.

Published Date 19-June-2024