Brisbane Commuters Face Soaring Toll Costs as AirportlinkM7 Fees Increase

Motorists using the AirportlinkM7 tunnel, including Kedron locals, are now facing the prospect of shelling out a hefty $94 per week in toll charges. 

As of 1 Jan 2024, the toll prices for the Brisbane Airportlink tunnel will increase in line with the All Groups Consumer Price Index. Following the increase, trucks are now charged an additional 80 cents per trip and regular cars an extra 34 cents. 

Motorists looking to take the tunnel between Bowen Hills and Kedron or Toombul will now pay $6.72 a trip, up from $6.38 in 2023.

According to reports, car drivers using the tunnel twice daily will pay $13.44 a round trip, or $94.08 a week if they take the tunnel to and from work each day.

Those taking light commercial vehicles through the tunnel, such as load-carrying vans or utilities, will pay even more, with the new trip price now $10.08, up 50 cents. 

Heavy commercial vehicles including trucks will pay a staggering $17.79 per trip, an increase of 82 cents each way.

Those travelling between Kedron and Toombul only will pay slightly less fares, with car trips priced at $5.03, up from $4.78 in 2023. Light commercial vehicles taking the shorter trip will pay $7.55 instead of $7.18, and trucks will be stung with $13.35 per trip, an increase of 67 cents.

Photo Credit: Linkt

A Transurban spokeswoman confirmed the toll price increase, which will not change until 2025. Motorists may contact the Linkt Assist team to help with a range of services including payment plans, more time to pay, and toll credits.

The AirportlinkM7 is a 6.7km twin tunnel connecting the Clem7 and Legacy Way tunnels via the Inner City Bypass. Drivers who use the tunnel can avoid up to 14 sets of traffic lights. According to Transurban’s latest traffic data, on average 63,000 trips are taken on the Airportlink every day. 

Published 9-Jan-2024