Bradbury Park Playscape Wins Big Regional Architecture Awards

Bradbury Park Playscape in Kedron has been named Brisbane’s Building of the Year at the prestigious Greater Brisbane Regional Architecture Awards. The revolutionary anti-screen time playground took home four major honours on Friday night, including the John Dalton Award for Building of the Year and the Greater Brisbane People’s Choice Award.

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

Designed by Joel Alcorn and his team at Alcorn Middleton, the playscape was conceived to lure teenagers aged 10-15 away from digital devices by providing an adventurous play experience resembling the post-apocalyptic aesthetic of Mad Max films.

“They wanted to cater for that age bracket to get them back in the world because they’re so digitally focused now,” said Alcorn.

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

With features like a 6m high balancing beam, climbing walls, tunnels evoking hollowed logs, and a massive slide, the jury praised the “pioneering approach” that “reimagines the traditional playground.” They highlighted how it builds risk-taking into play in an innovative way.

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

Alcorn explained, “We’ve never designed a playground before so we came in with a unique perspective and challenges. We had to entertain a certain age group so what we offered had to be more adventurous than your typical playground.”

The jury lauded it as “a new benchmark for both government and private industry in the provision of innovative play for older children”.

The unconventional Bradbury Park Playscape captivated judges and public alike, setting a new standard for playground ambition in Brisbane.

Published 6-May-2024

Stafford Heights Residence Restoration Strikes the Perfect Balance

Updating an old home is a balancing act of adding modern elements while retaining the charm of its original character. The Stafford Heights Residence is the perfect example of a restoration process that strikes the balance effectively.

After acquiring the property eight years ago, Lisa has decided to restore the home’s retro charm. The house suffered from maintenance issues such as utility problems, peeling paint, and roofing concerns. It’s about time for a much-needed restoration.

The house suffered from maintenance issues such as utility problems, peeling paint, and roofing concerns.
Photo Credit: Paul Butterworth Architect

Lisa turned to Paul Butterworth Architect to breathe new life into the decaying structure.

Paul’s direction was simple. He retained most of the existing home with fresh coat of paint, refinished floors, and a new roof to ensure the longevity of the house. The living space was expanded to accommodate an open, spacious dining area.

Photo Credit: Paul Butterworth Architect

The mid-century terrace at the entrance sets the tone for the home. Breeze blocks and V-shaped steel beams mimic the geometric blue triangles painted on the garage below.

Photo Credit: Paul Butterworth Architect

Lisa loves the mid-century style, and it clearly reflects on the project. Inspired by iconic residences such as the Rose Seidler House and the now-demolished El Dorado Motel in Gold Coast, she aimed for the same playful elements.

Yellow became the central theme, with the front door sporting a vibrant chartreuse hue. Similarly coloured square creates striking accents.

Photo Credit: Paul Butterworth Architect

The outdated kitchen received an overhaul. The floating island remained with a lively yellow laminate countertop, but the real eye candy of this space is the abstract mural done by local artist, Drapl. This area seamlessly connects the indoors to the outdoors, capitalising on the views of Morton Bay, refreshing sea breezes, and the subtropical climate.

Photo Credit: Paul Butterworth Architect

Paul emphasises the value of preserving historical homes. “They are a legacy for memory and a testament to the people that built them & the families that were born & raised in them,” he says. He believes that even if the owner has the budget to demolish and rebuild, he wouldn’t still have done it.

“Lisa didn’t know how to ‘fix’ her home, but we helped curate her initiative into an outcome that fulfils her needs and enriches her lifestyle. The opportunities to create interesting outcomes for existing homes and homeowners are endless, we just need to ask the right questions.”

Published 27-April-2024