Kedron Swiftie Gets A Surprise From Carrie & Tommy

A devoted Swiftie from Kedron State High School saw his wildest dreams come true, thanks to the efforts of B105’s popular radio hosts, Carrie & Tommy.

Duncan, an avid Taylor Swift fan, has been immersed in Swift’s music for the longest time, dedicating countless hours to listening to her tracks. His room, adorned with official and DIY merchandise, is a testament to his devotion to the pop sensation.

Duncan’s Spotify statistics last year were straight from Swiftie folklore. He ranked in the top 0.01% of Taylor listeners on Spotify, clocking an astounding 107,000 minutes of her music. Of his top 250 most-played songs, 201 were from Taylor Swift. He even secured a spot as one of the top 50 listeners of Swift’s song, ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’.

Despite his deep admiration for the artist, Duncan faced disappointment when he missed out on tickets for Taylor Swift’s upcoming Australian tour, even after an exhaustive 48-hour online pursuit. Just when he ran out of hope, fate intervened in a surprise visit to his classroom.

Photo Credit: Frontier Touring

The popular radio hosts, Carrie & Tommy from B105, sneaked into his classroom, handing him not just one but two tickets to Taylor Swift’s concert. The emotional moment captured on video revealed Duncan’s disbelief, asking, “Are you Carrie & Tommy?”

Emma, Duncan’s friend, played a pivotal role in making this dream a reality. Nominating him for the tickets, she explained, “because he’s my best friend and the biggest Taylor Swift fan” embodying the genuine spirit of Swifties.

Witnessing this magical moment, Emma let out a few tears of joy, and Duncan reciprocated with the biggest grateful hug.

Photo Credit: YouTube / Hit Network

In true Swiftie style, Duncan celebrated by performing some Taylor Swift songs on the piano, trumpet, and violin in front of the class, turning the classroom into a mini Taylor Swift concert.

Photo Credit: YouTube / Hit Network

The heartwarming video of the surprise has swiftly gone viral on social media, with fans congratulating Duncan on this extraordinary opportunity. Duncan’s journey from a dedicated listener to a concert attendee resonates with the power of music to bring joy into people’s lives.

As Duncan eagerly prepares for the concert, the excitement is palpable. This unexpected turn of events proves that dreams can materialise, even in the most surprising circumstances. Now, everyone can tell that he’s the lucky one!

Published 11-November-2023