Completed Leg of Kedron Brook Bikeway Brings Ease of Access to the Community and Nearby Suburbs

The construction of shared pathway in Grinstead Park, Stage 2 of the Kedron Brook Bikeway leg, commenced in March and was completed in June 2017, with an allocated budget of $1.2 million. The bikeway is now in use as an alternative link that connects to the existing Royal Parade’s bikeway.


Benefits of Stage 2

This project completes the missing link in the off-road Kedron Brook Bikeway and provides ease of access and connectivity to Grinstead Park and the Stafford City Shopping Centre.

The 370-metre long shared pathway also provides a safe and secured connection between the dog off-leash area at Grinstead Park to the bikeway. This will also provide leisure opportunities for park users and residents in the area through recreational walking and cycling.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

View the project details here.


Previous Upgrades

Kedron Brook Bikeway is one of the Brisbane’s busiest bikeways. Upgrades to the Kedron Brook Bikeway between Grinstead Park and Grange Forest Park started in 2015. Designed for multi-stage implementation, these upgrades are parts of 10 upgrades that have been rolled out over the past few years.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The first stage (Stage 0: Royal Parade) started in March 2015, resulting in a three-metre-wide pathway from the Kedron Brook Bikeway behind the Stafford City Shopping Centre to the Shand Street and safe crossing point across the Shand Street.

Stage 0 upgrade required the removal of 30 trees around the area to improve the safety of the pedestrians and cyclists. The Council replanted 120 native trees in the project’s vicinity as a solution to its environmental impact.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

In 2016, the Stage 1 of the upgrade in Grinstead Park was completed. This involved the construction of a pathway that connects the Grinstead Park’s carpark to the western side of Shand Street.


More Bikeways Development to Come

The Kedron Brook Bikeway: Grinstead Park Shared Pathway Stage 2 is all part of “Better Bikeways 4 Brisbane” (BB4B), a program that was launched in July 2016. The four-year program aims to extend Brisbane’s network of bikeways to provide ease of access to different destinations, especially to the CBD, and to promote healthy and active living through cycling and walking.

Current bikeway and pathway projects can be viewed on the Brisbane City Council’s official website.