Scooter Track, Magical Forest at Bradbury Park in Kedron Win Awards

Enjoy the award-winning Scooter Track and Magical Forest at Bradbury Park in Kedron and check out their innovative design that won the highest accolades at the 2021 AILA QLD Landscape Architecture Awards.

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The Scooter Track has received the Landscape Architecture Award in the category of “Play Spaces,” whilst the Magical Forest received an Award of Excellence. Both are the highest awards given in their respective categories.

Bradbury Park Scooter Track

A collaboration between Form Landscape Architects and Brisbane City Council, the Bradbury Park Scooter Track is a significant demonstration of sustainable landscape design.  The course was centered around the retention of existing gum trees whilst earthworks and path alignments were sensitively executed to ensure an integrated outcome.

Photo credit: Form Landscape Architects

“Riders can have a linear experience cruising the course and engage with various obstacles if they so choose. The inclusion of overtaking lanes was a key design feature enabling this choice,” said Form Landscape Architects.

The award-winning scooter track was completed in July 2020. It’s a first of its kind hybrid facility for all ages, combining elements of a pump track, skate park and junior learn-to-ride track. Although it was specifically designed for use with scooters, the course does accommodate a variety of wheeled craft such as skateboards, rollerblades. and bikes.

Bradbury Park’s Magical Forest

Bradbury Park Magical Forest (Photo credit: Form Landscape Architects)

Bradbury Park’s Magical Forest is the recipient of the Award of Excellence, which is given to the work judged to be the most significant for the advancement of landscape architecture in each category.

 Photo credit: Form Landscape Architects

Located on the southern side of the netball courts, the Magical Forest is a nature play space constructed within an existing grove of mature Melaleuca and Waterhousia trees, offering a source of intrigue and delight for all who enter.

 Photo credit: Form Landscape Architects

“Through the lens of a child, the design team reinterpreted features of the site with exaggerated imagination and established a vision of a miniature kingdom full of diverse geographical features. High points in the site were imagined as snowcapped mountain peaks.  Low points were imagined as sandy, treasure riddled beaches,” said Form Landscape Architects.

About the Landscape Architecture Awards

The Landscape Architecture Awards program provides a key vehicle for the promotion of the achievements and work of landscape architects in Australia.

The Awards program has two stages: the first is a Chapter program and the second is the National program. Winners from the Chapter level proceeding to the National Landscape Architecture Awards program.