Padua College and Mount Alvernia College Announce Expansion Plans in Kedron

Padua College and Mount Alvernia College in Kedron are planning to expand by acquiring a Council-owned depot, with plans to transform it into a sport and cultural precinct.

Mr Mark McSweeney, Chairperson of Padua College, and Mr Michael O’Brien,  Chairperson of Mount Alvernia College sent a letter to their alumni, announcing the possible acquisition of the Stafford depot. Also, BCC has already accepted their letter of offer to buy the land.

The board of directors from the two Catholic Franciscan schools will come up with a master plan over the next year for the long-term use of the precinct. The master planning will involve a consultation period to ensure that the schools consider all input for the best use of the land. 

They want the site to offer some community use as part of the long-term plan. But for the meantime, they are considering to build playing fields and a base for their combined Franciscan Colleges instrumental program.

“This opportunity has been made possible by more than 120 years of combined prudent financial management of Mount Alvernia and Padua Colleges. This has enabled us to be in a position to responsibly acquire this land,” Mr  McSweeney and Mr O’Brien said in the joint statement. 

All proceeds of the sale would go to the Brisbane Green Future Fund, which was established by the Council to expand the city’s greenspace and is part of the Council’s 2019-20 Budget.

About the Depot

(Photo Credit: Google Satellite View)

The Stafford depot measures 44,476 sqm and is bordered by several streets including Broughton Rd, Wayland St, Lennon St, Hutchins St, Bradley Ave and Wood St. This parcel of land is located south of the two Cathoic schools and used to be a quarry. 

Lennon St, Kedron (Photo Credit: Google Street View)

The site currently houses State Emergency Services facility. It will remain there until the council’s relocation strategy is complete. With its huge size, the land can still be used to build a residential space, but Finance Chair Cr Adam Allan said he is pleased it will be used for both education facilities and sporting fields for future generations.