Upper Kedron Embraces Urbanisation as New Residential Developments Emerge

The Cedar Woods development finally begins construction on Upper Kedron, despite several disputes that plagued the project in 2014. The controversial residential development has been scaled back to 980 units, instead of the initial 1,350 residential lots submitted by Innov8 Property to the Upper Kedron City Council.

Residents of the suburb are embracing the change, while others are leaving the community as urbanisation begins to transform the neighbourhood.

Community’s Prior Concerns on Upper Kedron’s Cedar Wood Development

Population issues and environmental impacts are a few of the concerns of Upper Kedron’s community over the said project. Prior to the City Councils approval for the project, it had received over 1000 objections due to the said concerns.

Local business owners like Angeline Moes of Moes’ Costume Hire sees Upper Kedron as an ideal community for raising kids. However, as construction begins, a notable increase in traffic and new people starting to find new homes in the suburb might bring inevitable changes for which the community may not be prepared.

Having large trucks and bulldozers in and out of the usually sleepy suburb, together with all the dust and noise that comes with the construction, has pushed some citizens to move out, while others resorted to having their properties appraised.

Urbanisation Touches Upper Kedron’s Quiet Life

Although the construction project was highly criticized during its conceptualization, an increase in local sales was observed after the initial launch of the project. Several roads have also been upgraded as a part of the local planning scheme improvements that came with the new residential estate.

Rebekah Trevor, owner of The Olive Branch Nursery sees the development as a positive improvement in the area. Innov8 Property’s massive development in the suburb is by far the biggest transformation the area will experience in its 35-year history. Trevor is excited to see what these developments will offer as new families and couples start living in the suburb.

The Cedar Woods development may have been an overwhelming change for some of the citizens of Upper Kedron. However, most of its people are excited to see what this new development offers, as the quaint and quiet suburb welcomes new families and opportunities within its walls.

Photo Credit: Cedar Wood Development/Brisbane Development