From Flipping Houses to Flipping the Real Estate Industry on its Head in Kedron

The Brisbane property market is maturing. As the 2032 Olympics looms on the horizon, it’s a rare analyst that sees anything other than substantial growth over the next few years. Did you know that there’s a new agency in Kedron who’s building market share with a fresh approach to the real estate agency space?

After selling homes for the last three years from his home-office, Daniel Hooper opened his new office at 7/359 Gympie Road, Kedron in January 2023 and has already built a reputation as the highest sales volume agent in Kedron.

He spent 4 years buying, renovating and flipping houses between 2016 and 2019 which gave him an insight into the main drivers of improving value in property. From the value of a new kitchen to the flow of a home to removing stud walls to open up living space, Daniel developed a fundamental understanding of what buyers value most.

“We would increase the value between 30k and 150k over the course of a four-week renovation,” he said.

One Percent Property Daniel Hooper
Photo Credit: One Percent Property/Daniel Hooper

Though he says the main thing he learnt was that the flipping “gave me insight into how to structure a sales agency from the customer’s point of view as I dealt with so many agents, which gave me an opportunity to assess the things I wanted as a buyer and vendor, as well as the things I didn’t want in an agent.”

Over the last three years, Daniel Hooper has sold over 160 properties in his new agency, One Percent Property, which as he says gives him incredibly fresh data.

“As we are selling so many properties due to our much more attractive commission and business model, our buyer data is incredibly fresh. Every week, we have a lot of buyers that miss out on a property which means the new listings we take on will be placed immediately in front of those pre-qualified buyers” says Daniel.

A recent listing, 15 Parkdale Street in Kedron was on the market for three months with another agent at the peak of the market but failed to sell.

“We were approached by the owner of 15 Parkdale Street to take over the listing last month. We had it sold before we could even get the sign up.”

Daniel Hooper
Another successful sale by Daniel Hooper and his team at One Percent property

Other recent sales in Kedron by One Percent Property include homes on Glenhaven Street, Seventh Avenue, View Street, Sixth Avenue, Armentieres Street, North Street, Childers Street, Eleventh Avenue, Somerset Road, Achilles Street, Figgis Street, Tanimbla Street, Homebush Road and Emerald Street.

Daniel’s real estate model looks beyond the standard “fixed fee”commission structure. He has instigated a policy of “pay what you wish” commission, giving vendors the option to pay less or more at the end of the transaction.

“Decide our fee AFTER the sale! – Our revolutionary commission structure allows you to decide how much we get paid after you have seen how hard we have worked for you and the price we have achieved. What better way to know I will strive to get you the absolute best possible result? No Sale, No Fee – We do not ask our clients to pay massive sums of advertising upfront. Instead, we have a small marketing levy that covers all advertising costs and it is charged out of the settlement. If I can’t sell your home, you don’t pay me a cent!”

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