Hungry Jacks to Build ‘Dual-Lane’ Drive-Thru in Kedron

The buying and dining habits of Hungry Jacks customers have changed post-COVID, prompting the fast-food chain to reconsider its plans and build a dual-lane drive-thru section in Kedron and two other Brisbane sites, instead of refurbishing the indoor dining facilities. 

In a statement, the management of Hungry Jacks said that they want to respond to the growing needs of customers for quick and convenient food service, following an analysis of their operations in late 2020. The management said that there were fewer customers indoors due to the pandemic but their online and drive-thru sales have increased. 

Hungry Jacks Kedron, Annerley and Algester will be the first chain stores to get the dual-lane drive-thru facility, pending approval from the Brisbane City Council (DA A005641466). It’s unclear how many other outlets will be undergoing changes after the first three sites. 

As a result of the expansion, the Kedron site on 332 Gympie Road will lose six carparks but the new drive-thru will be able to accommodate 18 queued cars at a time. 

Photo Credit: PDOnline/BCC
Photo Credit: Glenn Batten/Google Maps

The Annerley location will lose just one parking spot for a dual-lane drive-thru that can accommodate 14 cars. On the other hand, Hungry Jacks Algester will lose 13 carparks in favor of a drive-thru lane that can have 17 queued cars.