Thousands of Job Opportunities Emerge for Queenslanders at ECQ

Did you know that more than 10,000 jobs, offering substantial daily wages of up to $800 a day, have opened in Queensland? Residents of Kedron, like 50-year-old Sheyne Hindle, have already embraced these job prospects. 

These employment opportunities are available to Queensland residents, and they come into play well ahead of the upcoming election day.

Having participated in election work since the age of 17, Ms Hindle, highly recommends these roles for individuals seeking sustainable employment opportunities. She relayed that the tasks are relatively straightforward, involving responsibilities such as counting ballots and ensuring the accuracy of the electoral process.

The training is paid and the rates vary according to the roles taken. Ms Hindle said the experience is also an “excellent way to actively contribute to the election process while witnessing democracy in action.”

Photo Credit: ECQ/Facebook

Election officials play a pivotal role on the front lines during elections, facilitating millions of Queenslanders in exercising their democratic right to choose their local representatives. The numerous casual positions on offer are relevant for work both before, on, and after the election day scheduled for 16 March 2024.

Electoral Commissioner Pat Vidgen emphasized that applications are welcomed from individuals of diverse backgrounds and all corners of the state. 

Prospective applicants are encouraged to visit the ECQ website for comprehensive details regarding the roles, including eligibility criteria and requirements for political neutrality. Applications will remain open throughout the election period, providing a substantial chance for individuals to seize these unique employment prospects.

Applicants can choose from several types of positions. An “issuing officer,” responsible for distributing ballots and counting votes, can earn up to $530 per day. A “count assistant,” involved in packing up the polling place and assisting with vote counting, can earn $215 a day. Supervisor positions, responsible for managing the polling place on and before election day, offer a competitive daily wage of up to $881.95.

Upholding electoral integrity is a top priority for the Electoral Commission, ensuring that election officials reflect the principles of fairness, integrity, and transparency.

Published 16-Jan-2024