What’s On in Kedron Cafes for the Holiday Season

Wondering whether you’ll get your regular fix of coffee from the cafes within the neighbourhood on Christmas Day? Or whether there’s a special menu for the holidays?

Here we list what’s cooking in cafes around town for this holiday season.

Farm House Kedron

Farm House Kedron remains open between Christmas and New Year from 6:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and will be serving their special Queensland Prawn tacos with mango and coriander salsa, crispy vermicelli and namjim sauce all through this period.

Credit: Farm House Kedron

The cafe, however, will be closed from the 25th to 26th of December and the 1st of January.

Farm House Kedron holds a special spot among residents of Kedron because it serves as a tribute to Farmer Joe’s which was closed in 2009 to pave way for a road construction. The closure of Farmer Joe’s has been sad as it was a community hub where local fresh produce were bought and sold. In the hopes to still support the local farmers in Kedron, Farm House sees to it that they remain to buy supplies from them. The cafe hopes that more and more local farmers will soon come to them. As for its customers, Farm House Kedron aims to take food from the farm to the plate.

Farm House Kedron is at 9, Somerset Road

Fuzzy Duck

Fuzzy Duck has just reinvented itself as a restaurant last November, held their soft launch on 7th of December, and is now getting ready for official re-opening in 2018. It may not have your regular fill of coffee for the holiday season, but the place’s specialty gift shop is filled with quirky items for gifts. It has been restocked with a variety of succulents and other potted plants.

Credit: Fuzzy Duck Facebook
Credit: Fuzzy Duck Facebook
Credit: Fuzzy Duck Facebook
Credit: Fuzzy Duck Cafe
Credit: Fuzzy Duck Facebook
Credit: Fuzzy Duck Facebook

Owned by a family who is passionate about good food and great coffee, Fuzzy Duck promises to be everyone’s “kitchen table away from home”.

Fuzzy Duck is at 145 Kitchener Road, Kedron

Nana & Da’s

This cafe at 12 Homebush Road Kedron has unfortunately officially closed for the year on the 22nd of December to allow for its staff and crew to enjoy the holiday seasons too. The place will open again on the 19th of January and everything will be business as usual then.

Credit: Nana & Da’s