$335-M Earmarked for Gympie Road Bypass Tunnel, Surface Upgrades

A significant $335 million investment has been allocated in the State Budget over the next three years to progress the development of the proposed Gympie Road bypass tunnel and surface transformation.

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Financial Commitment

A substantial $318 million is earmarked for Queensland Investment Corporation, operating through North Brisbane Infrastructure (NBI), to advance pre-construction activities. This includes geotechnical investigations and preliminary design work, facilitated by Queensland Treasury and the Department of Main Roads. 

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Additionally, $17 million over two years is dedicated to the Department of Transport and Main Roads to prepare a comprehensive business case for the Gympie Road Surface Corridor Transformation Project.

Proposed Tunnel Solution

Map of proposed bypass tunnel (Photo credit: North Brisbane Infrastructure)

The centrepiece of this initiative is a proposed 7km two-lane tolled tunnel between Kedron and Carseldine. This tunnel is projected to deliver significant benefits:

  • Time Savings: Commuters could save up to 32 minutes on a return journey during peak hours.
  • Safety and Connectivity: Enhanced safety and reduced pressure on suburban roads, alongside improved connectivity to the Gympie Arterial Road, benefiting motorists from Kedron to the Sunshine Coast.
  • Economic Impact: A projected Gross Regional Product boost exceeding $8 billion and the creation of approximately 1,800 direct and indirect jobs during construction.
  • Traffic Reduction: An estimated 40,000 vehicles per day are expected to use the tunnel, which will remain a free alternative for motorists and improve surface travel times.

The investment proposal highlights a critical need for the project, with forecasts indicating that without intervention, almost all main roads through North Brisbane will exceed capacity during peak periods by 2046. 

Gympie Road, serving both local and through traffic, experiences severe congestion and forces ‘rat runs’ on adjacent roads. The proposed tolled bypass tunnel is anticipated to offer substantial travel time benefits and alleviate pressure on the local road network.

Community Support and Consultation

Between October and December 2023, the concept of the Gympie Road bypass tunnel was presented to the community. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive:

  • Support Levels: 78 percent of respondents supported the bypass tunnel concept unprompted, rising to 83 percent when informed of potential project benefits.
  • Traffic Concerns: 94 percent of survey participants acknowledged current traffic congestion as a serious problem, and 60 percent expressed willingness to use the proposed tunnel.
  • Dissenting Views: Among those who did not support the project, the primary concerns were a preference for investment in public and active transport and an aversion to paying tolls.

Next Steps

NBI has already undertaken extensive geotechnical investigations along the Gympie Road corridor, with findings informing the investment proposal submitted for consideration.

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The project’s advancement will involve detailed planning, community engagement, and environmental assessments to ensure a balanced and effective solution to North Brisbane’s traffic challenges.

Published 16-June-2024

Public Consultation Opens on Proposed Gympie Road Bypass Tunnel

Consultation on a proposed Gympie Road Bypass Tunnel between Kedron and Carseldine has commenced and will run until this December.

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The Queensland Government is inviting residents, businesses, and other interested parties to have their say on the tunnel proposal, which aims to tackle congestion in Brisbane’s North.

The consultation follows an announcement by Treasurer Cameron Dick in June this year that a detailed investment proposal was underway into the proposed tunnel. 

Gympie Road Bypass Tunnel
Map of the Gympie Road Bypass Tunnel investigation area, from Kedron to Carseldine, and the surrounding road network (Photo credit: northbrisbaneinfrastructure.com.au)

The investment proposal analysis is being conducted by North Brisbane Infrastructure, a subsidiary of the Queensland Investment Corporation. The results are due to be submitted to the State Government in mid-2024 for further consideration.

Treasurer Dick said the Government is committed to listening to Queenslanders and investing in planning for the state’s future growth. 

“This tunnel proposal presents a potential solution for a congestion challenge on Brisbane’s northern fringe,” he said.

Forecast population growth on the Sunshine Coast and in the Moreton Bay region is expected to result in increased commuter traffic heading into Brisbane. 

“Now is the right time to do this work,” Mr Dick said.

Minister for Transport Mark Bailey said the tunnel proposal is one way the Queensland Government is tackling congestion. 

“From the ‘Second M1’ on the Gold Coast to significant upgrades along the Bruce Highway, we are doing the heavy lifting for commuters in the South East,” Mr Bailey said.

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The community can have their say by taking a quick poll, completing an online survey, posting on the comment board or attending an information session. More details are available at www.northbrisbaneinfrastructure.com.au. The consultation period ends on 3 December 2023.

Published 1-November-2023