Kedron Bowls to be Developed into a New Fresh Food Hub

In a proposal submitted last June, Carbone Developments has lodged a proposal with the Brisbane City Council to transform the Kedron Bowls at 278 Gympie Road into a “Farmer Joe’s inspired fresh food centre.”


Is it Related to Farmer Joe’s?

Farmer Joe’s Country Market
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Farmer Joe’s Country Market was a fresh food market that sold variety of fruits, vegetables, gourmet cheese, and meats. It operated once in the same proximity as the Kedron Bowls, but was closed in 2009 to give way to the inner-northern busway.

Although the plan is to construct a fresh food market in the same vicinity as the Farmer Joe’s was operating before its closure, Carbone Developments spokesman John O’Neil clarified that the former owners of Farmer Joe’s are not involved in this redevelopment project.


The Proposed Plan

Photo credit: DA Ref. No. A004685330, Brisbane City Council

The CDI Architects designed the plans for the “Kedron Market”. The project aims to modernise the facility into a place where the community can get fresh produce. The redevelopment plan includes having an anchor tenant, with an additional five tenancies available to accommodate supporting businesses

“We want a gourmet butcher, boutique bakery, perhaps fresh seafood, pasta and even a bottleshop which may specialise in craft beer or boutique wines,” Mr. O’Neil said.

The proposal also seeks to retain parts of the existing structure with some demolition works and extensions including raising of the roof height. It also includes creating a market lane from the frontage of Gympie Road through the building and onto the car park. This will improve accessibility.

The Development Details:

  • 1,033 square metres for the Fresh Food Market
  • 69 – 141 square metres for each tenancies
  • 104 square metres for other amenities
  • 72 shared car parks (commercial, motorbike, and disabled spaces)



Photo credit: DA Ref. No. A003973633, Brisbane City Council

The proposed development is just 450 metres away from the soon-to-open Cole’s Supermarket, a supermarket giant that will offer retail, dining, and service stations to the Kedron community.

Although some may say that the Kedron Market is a bold move, Mr. O’Neil cleared that the proposed fresh food market will offer everything that Coles does not have. There will be no competition since the Kedron Market and Coles will have different range of products and items on offer.

“We don’t want to compete against them. You can’t compete against them. We will be offering high-level service and a line of specialty stores they didn’t provide in their development,” Mr. O’Neil said.

Photo credit: DA Ref. No. A004685330, Brisbane City Council

“We want this to be a community hub,” Mr O’Neil said.

If the application is approved, Kedron Market will begin serving the community by mid- to late 2018.