Kedron State School to Get New Learning Centre

With $4-million funding from the Education Department, Kedron State School is set to get a new three-storey learning centre.

With this new learning centre, Kedron Tree House, the school will be able to increase its capacity as more students are expected to enrol in the school in the coming years.

Aside from the “tree house”, the multi-million allocation will also cover the cost of a covered link between the new building and the school, a new hire building to decant classes, the removal of existing temporary hire buildings on the oval and tennis courts, and the refurbishment of current facilities.

Artist’s impression of the Kedron Tree House. Photo credit:

Initial prep work that will facilitate the construction of the new building has already started in the early weeks of August 2018. Once the proposed design for the Kedron Tree House is approved, full-scale construction is set to begin later in the year.

Preparations for the construction site will include removal of three classrooms at the end of the term. With this, classes will be relocated to a temporary classroom located on the school tennis court and tennis coaching lessons will be conducted at the local tennis courts a short walk from school.

The Kedron Tree House is anticipated to be completed by 2020.

Preparing for 2020

Kedron State School is not the only one getting an upgrade in preparation for 2020. Kedron State High receives $5.1 million funding under the government’s “2020 Ready” Program. The funds will be used to to build a new two-storey learning centre with additional classrooms, a union kitchen, and an industrial kitchen.

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