Effinity Proposes Bold Stafford Heights Development

Stafford Heights, a thriving suburb in the northside of Brisbane, is poised to witness a transformation as Effinity, a prominent developer in the region, unveils its most ambitious project to date. 

Effinity’s proposal (DA A006422560) envisions a four-to-six storey residential-led project comprising 32 apartments, set to replace an existing vet clinic situated on Appleby Road, adjacent to the Rode Plus Centre. 

Gatehouse Architects, the masterminds behind the project, have incorporated a ground-floor retail space and two basement parking levels. Additionally, a communal rooftop garden, designed by Andrew Gold Landscape Architecture, adds a touch of greenery to the urban landscape.

Effinity Lodge Milton
Photo Credit: DA A006422560

Overcoming Height Restrictions

As the Brisbane City Council initiates plans to increase density in select areas, the influx of applications for higher and infill projects has been noticeable. While Effinity’s latest application falls just outside the designated density zone, it aims to push the boundaries in Stafford Heights.

Photo Credit: DA A006422560

Stafford Heights currently maintains a height limit of four storeys for developments. However, the unique topography of the proposed site, covering 1609 square meters at 45 Maryland Street and 734 Rode Road, Stafford Heights, is expected to work in favour of Effinity’s application. 

Effinity Lodge
Photo Credit: DA A006422560

The innovative design includes boundary changes, as the site forms a part of a larger 16,117 square meter retail centre owned by multiple entities, with Woolworths Metro as its anchor.

Urban Consolidation and Housing Diversity

Effinity’s visionary project aligns with the broader goals of urban consolidation and redevelopment within the Stafford Heights District Centre Zone. Mewing Planning Consultants, responsible for the project report, state, “The proposed multiple dwelling use will contribute to the housing diversity and choice within Stafford Heights, which is predominantly characterized by low-density residential housing.”

The introduction of medium-density residential units will cater to various households, life stages, and income levels, fostering local economic support, services, and businesses. This development is poised to meet the growing demand for infill residential projects within a well-located and serviced part of the city, addressing both current housing demands and supply issues.

A Legacy of Medium-Density Excellence

Effinity’s track record includes several successful medium-density developments, such as Bank Street in West End, The Blake in MacGregor, The Maison in Sunnybank, Uki Toowong, Alba Terrace Ascot, and H&M Kelvin Grove. Their commitment to quality and urban innovation is poised to leave an indelible mark on Stafford Heights as they continue to shape the city’s evolving landscape.

Effinity’s proposal signifies more than just a development; it represents a vision for a vibrant, diverse, and sustainable future for Stafford Heights. As this project moves through the approval process, it will be closely watched by residents, urban planners, and investors, all eager to see how it will contribute to the ongoing growth and development of this thriving Brisbane suburb.

Published 20-Dec-2023