Proposed Redevelopment To Deliver New Aged Care Facility In Kedron

An existing residential aged care facility on Kitchener Road in Kedron will be redeveloped into a larger, more modern facility.

The subject site is situated at 171-175 Kitchener Road, 80 Araluen Street, and 78 Araluen Street. Current developments at the subject side includes a 41-bed Kedron Aged Care, a two-storey building located at 171 – 175 Kitchener Road, which has reached the end of its lifespan. The subject site is also occupied by SmashCare Chermside, a smash repair business situated at 80 Araluen Street, and a detached dwelling at 78 Araluen Street.

The proposal thus involves the redevelopment of the existing residential care facility extending onto a neighbouring site and replacing the industrial use with a new residential aged care facility that will accommodate 122 residents.

“This facility redevelopment will deliver a reimagined and modern aged care facility that is complementary to the local area and current industry expectations. It is believed that the facility will provide a high level of amenity for residents as all rooms have an outlook to open space and are designed in accordance with industry standards for aged care,”  the Latitude Town Planning Services Pty Ltd assessment report said. 

Lounge / Dining Forecourt Perspective
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“The facility will provide the highest standard of support and care for residents, who can no longer live unassisted, and enable them to remain within and connected to their local community and support network, supporting the growing recognition of persons wanting to age in place.”

The proposed building will be four levels and designed to integrate with the existing ground levels and complement the surrounding low density neighbourhood.

Lower ground floor
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The lower ground floor, with a floor area of 351.7 sqm, includes the primary building entry and controlled access point for visitors whilst located at the front of the building is the main administration section. The lower ground floor also includes beauty salon,  education room, conference room, management offices, public amenities, and staff amenities

Ground floor plan
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The ground floor, covering 1,886 sqm of floor area, will include servicing and staff areas and facilities: commercial kitchen with freezer, cold room and a dry goods pantry, laundry facilities including a laundry supply room, maintenance area, staff amenities, bin storage area, and service bay area/goods in.

The ground floor will also contain the secure residential wing comprising 20 single-bed units with ensuite facilities. Also located on the ground floor is a nurse station, lounge/dining room, meal servery area, sunroom, and secured open terrace and courtyard.

Level 1 floor plan
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The first floor (2,429.9sqm) will contain 42 single-bed units with ensuite facilities designed around a large, secure courtyard. There will be a large terrace with a barbecue area, adjacent to the lounge, dining  and lifestyle area. The first floor will also include two nurses’ stations, meal servery area, offices, treatment room, communal lounge areas, storage rooms, utility rooms, visitor bathroom, and clinic.

Level 2 floor plan
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The second floor (3,476.2sqm) will have 60 single-bed units with ensuite facilities, as well as a dining area and lounge room, meal servery area, lifestyle space, terrace deck, library, three nurse stations, offices, clinic, communal lounge areas, storage rooms, utility rooms, abd visitor bathroom.

The proposal provides 38 car parking bays (including 1 PWD space) for staff and servicing vehicles, accessed from the 80 Araluen Street entry; 19 visitor cars (including 1 PWD space) accessed from the 80 Araluen Street entry; and 60 residents car parking spaces, at the ground and lower ground car parking levels.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article inadvertently omitted attribution of the images to POWE Architects. Corrections have been made to reflect the proper attribution.