Plans for a Separate Bikeway at Wooloowin to Link North Brisbane Bikeway to Kedron Brook Making Residents Unhappy

The Council has recently announced its plans for an on-road separated bikeway at Price Street, Wooloowin to link the North Brisbane Bikeway to Kedron Brook. Some residents and business owners are not happy about the plans as the proposed bikeway can cause tons of inconveniences for the community while serving an estimate of one hundred cyclists.

The project is open for community consultation until the 8th of May 2018. Residents are encouraged to have their say on the project by completing the survey form provided by the Brisbane City Council or sending them an email at

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The North Brisbane Bikeway – Price Street to Kedron Brook project is part of the Council’s Better Bikeways for Brisbane program, which aims to create dedicated bikeways and active travel options with a $100 million investment.

Construction Plans

The project plans include installations of three-metre-wide on-road separated bikeways along the western side of Kent Road, between Price Street and Rose Street; along the eastern side of Park Road, between Rose Street and Brook Road; and along the northern side of Rose Street, between Kent Road and Park Road with an addition of 1.5-metre-wide pedestrian footpath.

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A new cycle street along Brook Road will also be built for shared use by vehicles and cyclists. Another 150-metre-long concrete path will also be constructed along the southern side of Brook Road.

Expected benefits

The Council has identified several benefits that the project will bring to the community. Such benefits include an uninterrupted recreation and commuter route for residents from the northern suburbs, enhanced access to local destinations and the CBD, road safety improvements, and reduction of traffic congestion.

Impact on the local community

A parking survey commissioned by the Council as part of their investigations has found that several car parking spaces were currently underutilised or used by commuters. With this, they plan to remove approximately 69 informal on-street parking spaces to accommodate the bike lanes.

Residential bin zones will also be changed and placed on the road, between the bikeway and road carriageway for collection.

Some of the trees that will be removed along Kent Road. Photo credit: Google Street View

Five trees from Kent Road and four trees from Rose Street will also need to be removed in order to complete the project.

Such decisions has elicited negative reactions from residents who claim that the plans are focused on providing advantages for cyclists without regard to the local community. Residents are also concerned about drainage problems that cause frequent flooding on the corner of Kent and Junction Roads. They claim that such problems should be prioritised before the construction of the project.

Provide your feedback

Members of the local community can provide their feedback for the project until Tuesday, 8 May 2018 through the following:

  1. Call the project team on 1800 010 705 (during business hours) or the Council on 07 3403 8888 (after hours).
  2. Email the project team at
  3. Complete the online survey.
  4. Write to:

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