North Brisbane Bikeway Stage 5 Alternative Route Revealed

An alternative route for the North Brisbane Bikeway Stage 5 has been revealed by the Council. The revised plan seemed to be BCC’s response to an uproar over the loss of parking spaces in the previous plans for the bikeway.

BCC had previously announced its plans for an on-road separated bikeway at Price Street, Wooloowin that will link the North Brisbane Bikeway to Kedron Brook. However, residents and business owners in the area were unhappy. This is primarily due to the loss of around 100 parking spaces as part of the original plan.

North Brisbane Bikeway – Price Street to Kedron Brook Plans. Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

Because of this, BCC has prepared an alternate route that will connect the State Government sections to Wellington Street from Bridge Street to Chalk Street. This will then be connected to Kedron Park Road (instead of continuing north along Dickson Street to Price Street).

North Brisbane Bikeway Stage 5 New Route

Map comparing parking loss between the previous and the new route. Photo credit: Tim Nicholls MP/Facebook

Council’s proposed new route will use Wellington Street, going under Lutwyche Road through an existing tunnel to Bradshaw Street. It will further connect to the Kedron Brook Bikeway via Thistle Street.

Since parking loss is a big concern in the original plans, the revised plan will only require the loss of around six parking spaces.

The alternate route would mostly be a combination of a shared street and two-way cycle track along Wellington Street and Bradshaw Street. It would also link in with Lutwyche Bus Station and Lutwyche Centro.

Moreover, the new proposed route would still provide a connection from Herston via Albion to the Kedron Brook Bikeway.

Reactions from Cyclists

Photo credit: CC0 Public Domain / Max Pixel

The move in redesigning the plans seemed to be beneficial for residents and businesses who want to avoid parking inconveniences, however, cyclists are not in favour of the decision.

According to Space for Cycling Brisbane, a coalition of Brisbane’s grass root cycling advocacy groups, cyclists support the original plan since it offers a fully separated cycleway along the busiest streets. It also passed a number of local businesses which would have benefited from being on a family-friendly cycleway.

Cyclists have also expressed their reactions on social media saying:

“It’s a useful east west link. It is not the north Brisbane bikeway. A direct north south route from Shaw Road to Bridge Street is essential and this is a complementary solution. Not a replacement.

Like it or not, street space is not best served for parking. Council and MPs have a responsibility to change this invalid perception that parking private property on public land should take priority over the movement of hundreds of people by bicycle.”

“Far inferior design outcome. Doesn’t actually provide a proper direct route for North and airport bound cyclists (which should be along Dickson, Dawson and Shaw Rds). Storage space for private vehicles should never take precedence over the safety and lives of humans.”

Project Updates

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

Whilst the revised plans were already unveiled, the State Government has not approved it yet.

Council hasn’t provided the timing for Stage 5 yet since the project will align with the timing of the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ (TMR) Stage 2, 3, and 4 of North Brisbane Bikeway.

Clearly, BCC has a lot of things to consider before finalising the design plans for North Brisbane Bikeway Stage 5.

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