Work Commences on Stages 2 and 3 of North Brisbane Bikeway

Queenslanders including locals of Kedron can look forward to a safer and better biking experience now that the works for North Brisbane Bikeway Stages 2 and 3 have begun.

Stages 2 and 3 will deliver the 1.7-kilometre bike path from Somerset Street in Albion to Rigby Street in Wooloowin.

In addition to the bike path, it will feature six priority crossings at a number of intersections along the bikeway on Bowen Street, Grafton Street, Albion Road, Bridge Street, Merehaye Street and Rigby Street.

The crossings, which will operate similarly to pedestrian ‘zebra’ crossings, will consist of a raised platform and coloured road surface to identify give way areas and the cycle crossing.

Vehicles will be provided ample space to allow them to stop safely, clear of the crossing.

Locals can also expect to see upgraded street lighting and drainage as well as new landscaping as part of the Stages 2 and 3 development.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey inspected the start of work on the stages two and three, along with local bicycle users.

“More than 800,000 Queenslanders ride their bike each week. That’s why we’re investing more than $240 million over the next four years to deliver much-needed projects like the North Brisbane Bikeway alongside our 10-year state-wide cycling action plan,” Mr Bailey said in a media statement.

Mr Bailey noted how the Stage 1 of the North Brisbane Bikeway has been popular among bike riders and locals, as it created a safe link between the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital to the north of Bowen Hills.

He believes the two stages will deliver the same benefits through Wooloowin and hopes it will encourage more people to give bike riding a try.

The second and third stages of the $13.18 million project is anticipated to create more than 40 jobs while its construction is expected to complete early 2020.

Tenders Sought for Stage 4 of North Brisbane Bikeway Project in Kedron

The North Brisbane Bikeway from Price Street to Kedron Brook is a step closer to completion, now that the project has reached its fourth stage.

With the bike project approaching the next phase, the Department of Transport and Main Roads is seeking tenders for the project.

Like the earlier phases of the project, Transport and Main Roads Minister Bailey said in a media statement that stage four will include a separated bikeway as well as priority cycle and pedestrian crossings.

“Riders have told us they want the North Brisbane Bikeway to continue along Dickson Street, and that’s the design we’re sticking with,” said Mr Bailey.

Mr Bailey said Stages One to Four of the North Brisbane Bikeway will provide almost 4.5 km of safer, separated bicycle lanes that will link with Brisbane’s broader network of bike infrastructure once complete.

One of those who welcomed the tender offer is Bicycle Queensland CEO Anne Savage, who believes cities that invest in healthy travel enjoy the benefits, with five dollars gained for every dollar spent.

“Bikeway growth is essential to our economic prosperity and will position Brisbane to achieve the vision of a healthy, safe, and sustainable travel future, reducing congestion and promoting healthy urban development,” Ms Savage said.

Bicycle Queensland commends the State Government and its investment in the North Brisbane Bikeway, which will provide a missing link in the bikeway network to help shorten travel times, improve safety, and get cyclists home sooner to their families.

About the North Brisbane Bikeway Project

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

The North Brisbane Bikeway Project is is part of Brisbane City Council’s Better Bikeways for Brisbane program, creating dedicated bikeways and active travel options with a $100 million investment from 2016 to 2020.

Located in Price Street, near Kent Road at Wooloowin, to the entrance to Kedron Brook Bikeway off Brook Road, the aim of the creating the bikeway is to improve safety and connectivity for cyclists.

It will be delivered by BCC in partnership with the Queensland Government. For further information about the bikeway project, visit the Council’s website.

North Brisbane Bikeway Stage 5 Alternative Route Revealed

An alternative route for the North Brisbane Bikeway Stage 5 has been revealed by the Council. The revised plan seemed to be BCC’s response to an uproar over the loss of parking spaces in the previous plans for the bikeway.

BCC had previously announced its plans for an on-road separated bikeway at Price Street, Wooloowin that will link the North Brisbane Bikeway to Kedron Brook. However, residents and business owners in the area were unhappy. This is primarily due to the loss of around 100 parking spaces as part of the original plan.

North Brisbane Bikeway – Price Street to Kedron Brook Plans. Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

Because of this, BCC has prepared an alternate route that will connect the State Government sections to Wellington Street from Bridge Street to Chalk Street. This will then be connected to Kedron Park Road (instead of continuing north along Dickson Street to Price Street).

North Brisbane Bikeway Stage 5 New Route

Map comparing parking loss between the previous and the new route. Photo credit: Tim Nicholls MP/Facebook

Council’s proposed new route will use Wellington Street, going under Lutwyche Road through an existing tunnel to Bradshaw Street. It will further connect to the Kedron Brook Bikeway via Thistle Street.

Since parking loss is a big concern in the original plans, the revised plan will only require the loss of around six parking spaces.

The alternate route would mostly be a combination of a shared street and two-way cycle track along Wellington Street and Bradshaw Street. It would also link in with Lutwyche Bus Station and Lutwyche Centro.

Moreover, the new proposed route would still provide a connection from Herston via Albion to the Kedron Brook Bikeway.

Reactions from Cyclists

Photo credit: CC0 Public Domain / Max Pixel

The move in redesigning the plans seemed to be beneficial for residents and businesses who want to avoid parking inconveniences, however, cyclists are not in favour of the decision.

According to Space for Cycling Brisbane, a coalition of Brisbane’s grass root cycling advocacy groups, cyclists support the original plan since it offers a fully separated cycleway along the busiest streets. It also passed a number of local businesses which would have benefited from being on a family-friendly cycleway.

Cyclists have also expressed their reactions on social media saying:

“It’s a useful east west link. It is not the north Brisbane bikeway. A direct north south route from Shaw Road to Bridge Street is essential and this is a complementary solution. Not a replacement.

Like it or not, street space is not best served for parking. Council and MPs have a responsibility to change this invalid perception that parking private property on public land should take priority over the movement of hundreds of people by bicycle.”

“Far inferior design outcome. Doesn’t actually provide a proper direct route for North and airport bound cyclists (which should be along Dickson, Dawson and Shaw Rds). Storage space for private vehicles should never take precedence over the safety and lives of humans.”

Project Updates

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

Whilst the revised plans were already unveiled, the State Government has not approved it yet.

Council hasn’t provided the timing for Stage 5 yet since the project will align with the timing of the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ (TMR) Stage 2, 3, and 4 of North Brisbane Bikeway.

Clearly, BCC has a lot of things to consider before finalising the design plans for North Brisbane Bikeway Stage 5.

For further information and to provide feedback you may:

North Brisbane Bikeway − Price Street to Kedron Brook project
City Projects
Brisbane City Council
GPO Box 1434
Brisbane Qld 4001

Plans for a Separate Bikeway at Wooloowin to Link North Brisbane Bikeway to Kedron Brook Making Residents Unhappy

The Council has recently announced its plans for an on-road separated bikeway at Price Street, Wooloowin to link the North Brisbane Bikeway to Kedron Brook. Some residents and business owners are not happy about the plans as the proposed bikeway can cause tons of inconveniences for the community while serving an estimate of one hundred cyclists.

The project is open for community consultation until the 8th of May 2018. Residents are encouraged to have their say on the project by completing the survey form provided by the Brisbane City Council or sending them an email at

Photo credit:

The North Brisbane Bikeway – Price Street to Kedron Brook project is part of the Council’s Better Bikeways for Brisbane program, which aims to create dedicated bikeways and active travel options with a $100 million investment.

Construction Plans

The project plans include installations of three-metre-wide on-road separated bikeways along the western side of Kent Road, between Price Street and Rose Street; along the eastern side of Park Road, between Rose Street and Brook Road; and along the northern side of Rose Street, between Kent Road and Park Road with an addition of 1.5-metre-wide pedestrian footpath.

Photo credit:

A new cycle street along Brook Road will also be built for shared use by vehicles and cyclists. Another 150-metre-long concrete path will also be constructed along the southern side of Brook Road.

Expected benefits

The Council has identified several benefits that the project will bring to the community. Such benefits include an uninterrupted recreation and commuter route for residents from the northern suburbs, enhanced access to local destinations and the CBD, road safety improvements, and reduction of traffic congestion.

Impact on the local community

A parking survey commissioned by the Council as part of their investigations has found that several car parking spaces were currently underutilised or used by commuters. With this, they plan to remove approximately 69 informal on-street parking spaces to accommodate the bike lanes.

Residential bin zones will also be changed and placed on the road, between the bikeway and road carriageway for collection.

Some of the trees that will be removed along Kent Road. Photo credit: Google Street View

Five trees from Kent Road and four trees from Rose Street will also need to be removed in order to complete the project.

Such decisions has elicited negative reactions from residents who claim that the plans are focused on providing advantages for cyclists without regard to the local community. Residents are also concerned about drainage problems that cause frequent flooding on the corner of Kent and Junction Roads. They claim that such problems should be prioritised before the construction of the project.

Provide your feedback

Members of the local community can provide their feedback for the project until Tuesday, 8 May 2018 through the following:

  1. Call the project team on 1800 010 705 (during business hours) or the Council on 07 3403 8888 (after hours).
  2. Email the project team at
  3. Complete the online survey.
  4. Write to:

North Brisbane Bikeway – Price Street to Kedron Brook project
City Projects
Brisbane City Council
GPO Box 1434
Brisbane Qld 4001