Scaling Back Challenges: The Northern Transitway Adjusts Path through Kedron

The Northern Transitway project in Brisbane, initially intended to stretch to Hamilton Rd, has been curtailed due to budget overruns and delays, now concluding at Rode Rd in Kedron. This revision has also led to the layoff of about 300 workers, signifying a significant alteration in both the scale and influence of this key public transport development.

These changes have raised questions about the project’s future. A Department of Transport and Main Roads spokesperson noted that it is “working collaboratively with its contractor to deliver the works as efficiently as possible, targeting completion by mid-2024.” 

Despite the scale-back, the project’s core goals of improving safety, capacity, and efficiency remain steadfast.

Project Overview

The Northern Transitway extends along a 2.3km corridor on Gympie Arterial Road, stretching from Sadlier Street in Kedron to Hamilton Road in Chermside. The project’s construction has been in full swing, promising to revolutionise public transport in Northern Brisbane.

Northern Transitway
Photo Credit: TMR

Key features of the project include:

  • Dedicated Bus Lanes: Serving over 5,000 commuters daily, these lanes aim to streamline bus travel.
  • Travel Time Reductions: Anticipated time savings of up to 6 minutes during peak hours.
  • Increased Bus Frequency: Bus services within the corridor are set to increase significantly.
  • Accessibility Enhancements: Upgrades to bus stops will ensure compliance with disability access requirements.
  • Safety Improvements: The removal of unsignalised right-turn movements and new traffic signals at key intersections will bolster safety.

Community Impact

The transitway has stirred mixed reactions among local businesses and commuters. The removal of on-street parking to accommodate the bus lanes has particularly affected local businesses. 

As the Northern Transitway progresses towards its revised completion in mid-2024, it continues to be a symbol of Brisbane’s evolving public transport landscape. Despite the challenges, the project holds the promise of a more connected and efficient Northern Brisbane, albeit with a footprint different from what was initially envisioned.

Published 29-Nov-2023

Kedron Residents Voice Concerns Over Potentially Hazardous Crossing on Gympie Road

Daniel Hooper byline

A potentially dangerous crossing on Gympie Road has been the subject of much concern among residents in Kedron.

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Several near misses and the presence of trip hazards caused by uneven ground have been worrying residents familiar with the controversial crossing. Compounding the issue are the ongoing bus works taking place at the same location.

These bus works are part of the Northern Transitway project, a large-scale initiative which involves constructing a dedicated bus lane on Gympie Road between Kedron and Chermside. Once completed, this project is expected to benefit over 5,000 people during peak periods each weekday. 

crossing on Gympie Road
Photo credit: Department of Transport and Main Roads

However, the safety of pedestrians at the said crossing on Gympie Road is currently safeguarded only by a rope barrier placed at the centre traffic island where Castle and Strathmore streets meet. The ongoing construction works have not only raised safety concerns but have also disrupted access to some establishments in the area. 

crossing on Gympie Road
Photo credit: Google Street View

In response to the situation, a spokesperson from the Department of Transport and Main Roads acknowledged that the pedestrian island would be rebuilt as part of the Northern Transitway project. 

The works are expected to be completed by late June 2023, assuming construction progresses smoothly and weather conditions permit. The entire project covers a 2.3km corridor along Gympie Arterial Road between Sadlier Street in Kedron and Hamilton Road in Chermside.

Meanwhile, Councillor for Marchant Ward Fiona Hammond has been actively involved in addressing the issue, having received multiple calls from concerned locals, particularly those worrying about schoolchildren and elderly individuals who must cross the road daily. 

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Cr Hammond said she has already urged the State Government to promptly review the works and prioritise safety measures in the area.

Published 22-June-2023

What You Need to Know About Gympie Road Bus Stops and On-Street Parking Proposal Changes

After a consultation with the community, including Kedron residents, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has made changes to the Northern Transitway bus stops and on-street parking proposal on Gympie Road.

With the construction of the transitway set for late 2020, officials say that the bus networks will continually undergo refinement in consideration of the feedback from the community. 

“We held a series of community information sessions last year and received 185 pieces of individual feedback on the proposed Northern Transitway plan,” TMR Minister Mark Bailey said. 

“The main issues raised by the community were the removal of the bus stops and on-street parking.”

In its bid to manage the congestion on this busy arterial road — which links Gympie Road, Sadlier Street, Hamilton Road, Kedron and Chermside — TMR has implemented the following changes to the proposed design: 

1. Bus Lane Operating Hours

Bus lanes on Gympie Road, between Sadlier Street and Hamilton Road, will be operational during weekday peak periods only, from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. This means that outside of these hours, on-street parking on Gympie Road will be open to local businesses and their customers. Emergency vehicles may still be allowed to use the bus lanes during bus operating hours.

2. Bus Stop Near Coles 

Two bus stops near Coles, at the Strathmore Street and Castle Street intersection in Kedron, will NOT be removed. Commuters and customers of the supermarket chain may still benefit from the bus service without interruption.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

3. Gympie Road No Parking Areas

Motorists are expected to strictly observe “no parking” near bus stops and intersections of up to 100 metres at all times. 

4. Additional Access Changes

New traffic signals will be installed at the Gympie Road and Boothby Street intersection. This site will also have right-turn lane and u-turn lane access to improve traffic safety. 

“The changes mean commuters will still enjoy quicker travel during the high demand peak periods, while Gympie Road businesses will keep on-street parking for their customers for large parts of the day and all day on weekends,” Mr Bailey said. 

For more information about the Northern Transitway project, visit the official site.

Northern Transitway Makes Headway as State Government Injects $53M into Project

Brisbane’s northside customers, including Kedron residents, can expect a more efficient public transport system now that the State Government will push through with upgrades across North Brisbane. 

In June 2019, the Queensland Government announced the 2019-20 State Budget including its plans to invest $53 million for the Northern Transitway project.

The project will deliver continuous bus lanes between Kedron and Chermside stations to free up Gympie Road. 

This 2.3 km corridor will support high-frequency on-road bus services. It will enable more reliable travel times, will improve safety and capacity as well as assist in congestion on the corridor in North Brisbane. 

Gympie Road is one of the worst accident hotspots across Brisbane. In their Crash Index for 2017, insurance company AAMI revealed Gympie ranked third Brisbane’s top five worst accident hotspots after Annerley’s Ipswich Road and Sunnybank’s Mains Road. 

The State Government will also invest $4 million for noise barriers in Gympie Road. According to Member of Aspley Bart Mellish, works for the noise barriers will take place between Darwin, Ellison and Gympie Roads and Ellison, Webster and Gympie Roads.

About the Northern Transitway Project

The project is part of the Passenger Transport Infrastructure Investment Program (PTIIP), which aims to deliver critical enabling infrastructure to achieve a connected, integrated network that offers value to customers and makes public transport an attractive option for everyone.

The detailed design will be delivered in mid-2019 with construction expected to start in early 2020.

Design Underway for $53M Northern Transitway from Kedron to Chermside

The detailed design for the $53-million Northern Transitway from Kedron to Chermside is underway, with the final design expected to be delivered in mid-2019.

The project is being touted as a cost-efficient solution to support high-frequency bus services along Gympie Arterial Road. The project is part of the government’s effort to encourage more people to use public transport, thereby decongesting the roads.

Starting from Sadlier Street in Kedron to Hamilton Road in Chermside, the Northern Transitway will be a 2.3-km public transport corridor delivering targeted bus priority.

Northern Transitway
Photo credit: Department of Transport and Main Roads

The Department of Transport and Main Roads said this project will bring benefits to the community, including:

  • a safer and more efficient public transport system for northern Brisbane customers, by separating buses from general traffic
  • improved and more reliable travel times along the corridor for bus customers
  • a facility to support high-frequency bus services, encouraging more people to use public transport
  • greater capacity on the public transport system
  • assist in managing congestion along the corridor and broader northern Brisbane transport network
  • improvements to footpaths along some sections of the alignment, improving pedestrian capacity and safety
  • an average of 88 direct jobs over the life of the project.

The Queensland Government will shoulder the cost of the project as part of its Passenger Transport Infrastructure Investment Program. This program targets critical infrastructure to build a connected and integrated network that will make public transportation the commuting choice of residents.

Community consultation will happen in early 2019 and construction is expected to start in early 2020.

To have your say on the Northern Transitway project, contact TMR at:

Phone: 07 3066 4338
Post: Department of Transport and Main Roads
Metropolitan Region
PO Box 70
Spring Hill Qld 4000