Padua College Kedron Breaks into Queensland’s Top 150 Schools for 2023

Padua College in Kedron has made a significant entry into Queensland’s top 150 schools for Years 7-10, debuting at 38th place in the 2023 rankings.

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Alongside Brisbane South Secondary College in Dutton Park, it’s one of the two schools that have entered the top 50 for the first time this year.

According to data from the independent specialist schools website Better Education, Padua College boasts a State Overall Score of 98 percent, underscoring its academic excellence. 

Photo credit: Padua College/Google Maps

The school’s Better Education percentile stands at an impressive 94%, reflecting its top-tier performance relative to other schools across the state. This notable accomplishment is particularly significant given that Padua College did not make the cut in the previous year’s rankings.

Padua College: A Centre for Excellence

Photo credit: Padua College/Google Maps

Padua College, an independent Catholic boys’ day school conducted by the Franciscan Friars, serves approximately 1,510 students from Year 5 to Year 12. With a Socio-Economic Status (SES) index of 95, the school offers a supportive and enriching environment that fosters academic and personal growth.

Photo credit: Padua College/Google Maps

Further cementing its reputation for excellence, the school was recently named the first boys-only school in Australia to be recognised as a Middle Years School of Excellence by Adolescent Success. This prestigious honour highlights the school’s dedicated approach to the education, development, and growth of young adolescents aged 10 to 15 years.

On their social media page, the school expressed immense pride in this recognition, attributing the achievement to the hard work and dedication of their talented staff and the enthusiastic engagement of their students, fondly referred to as the “Good Men of Padua.”

Comprehensive Educational Approach

Padua College
Photo credit: Padua College/Google Maps

Padua College’s success can be attributed to its holistic and intentional approach to education. The school’s mission is not only to achieve academic excellence but also to cater to the diverse needs, interests, and achievements of its students. This is evident in the range of co-curricular activities offered, including music, choir, performance, debating, public speaking, chess, and community service.

Photo credit: Padua College/Google Maps

Situated in Kedron, with additional facilities in Banyo and an Outdoor Education Facility in the Noosa Hinterland, the school provides a comprehensive environment for young men to thrive academically, socially, and personally. The school’s affiliation with the Franciscan Order further enriches its educational philosophy, instilling values of community, service, and personal integrity.

Understanding the Rankings

Better Education’s rankings are based on the Overall Academic Performance Rating or State Overall Score, which ranges from 60 to 100. A score of 100 indicates the highest level of academic achievement. Padua College’s score of 98 places it firmly within the top echelons of Queensland schools, translating to a top 6% percentile ranking.

Looking Ahead

Padua College
Photo credit: Padua College/Google Maps

With its recent accolades and rising academic standing, the school is poised for continued success. The school’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals and its emphasis on both academic and personal excellence set a strong foundation for future achievements. As Padua College continues to grow and evolve, it remains a beacon of quality education and a testament to the power of dedicated teaching and community support.

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The school’s debut in Queensland’s top 50 schools marks a significant milestone in its journey towards educational excellence. The school’s recent recognition as a Middle Years School of Excellence and its strong academic performance underscore its role as a leading institution dedicated to the holistic development of young men.

Published 9-June-2024

Kedron Included in Proposal for Safer School Precincts in Brisbane

Plans have been unveiled to enhance safety around schools by expanding 40km/h zones around 21 schools so that kids can walk, bike or ride a scooter to school under the proposed Safer School Precincts initiative. The program will cover seven parts of Brisbane, including Kedron.

The proposed Safer School Precincts program is expected to have an upgrade to existing funding of approximately $10 million. This initiative is designed to encourage more parents to walk, ride a scooter, or bike with their children to school, thereby reducing reliance on automobiles.

The initial phase of the plan involves four separate areas encompassing 12 schools and approximately 10,000 students. Subsequently, three additional areas comprising nine schools would be considered for implementation, pending the successful execution of the initial phase. Each proposed area will undergo detailed planning, with potential measures including new pedestrian crossings, widened footpaths, and the introduction of school zone gateways to delineate safe walking routes for children.

The immediate earmarked areas for the Safer School Precincts include Mansfield, Wynnum Manly, Indooroopilly, and Kedron. Notable schools in the Kedron precinct include Padua College, Mount Alvernia College, and St Anthony’s Primary School.

Safer School Precincts
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Future areas under consideration for the program include Enoggera, Bardon, and Forest Lake, with respective schools such as Our Lady of the Assumption Primary School, Bardon State School, and St John’s Anglican College.

Community consultation and planning will precede any modifications to existing 40km/h zones, ensuring alignment with Department of Transport and Main Roads guidelines.

Concerns have been raised regarding the proposal’s timing, with calls for increased investment in suburban road projects to address existing safety issues.

The Safer School Precincts initiative marks a significant endeavour to prioritise the safety of Brisbane’s schoolchildren and foster a more sustainable approach to transportation in the city.

Published 4-March-2024

Padua College Looks to Extend Facilities at Assisi Campus

Padua College in Kedron has submitted development plans to the Brisbane City Council to build an extension of its current building at its Assisi campus.

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The proposal, designed by the award-winning firm M3 Architecture, calls for the partial demolition of the existing La Cordelle building. It also includes earthworks to facilitate the rear extension of the current structure.

The La Cordelle hall, constructed back 2004, houses a covered recreation and sports hall/court as well as accompanying amenities.

Artist’s visualisation for the building (Photo credit: M3 Architecture)

The multi-purpose hall will be expanded and air conditioned whilst the new layout will feature additional technical and design classrooms. Details of the planned development include:

  • Level 1: 1 construction workshop and associated outdoor covered area
  • Level 2: 2 design labs, 1 engineering lab, 1 clean tech workshop, and an outdoor breakout space
  • Level 3: Hall extension and storage
  • Level 4: Roof extension and plant deck
Proposed site plan (Photo credit: M3 Architecture)

According to planning documents submitted by the college, the extension will improve facilities for current students by expanding the campus within the existing education precinct. The proposal results in no loss of residential land in the area.

The planners stated that the proposal would give Padua College a chance to develop extra teaching areas and amenities for its present students in a coordinated way. They said this integrated approach would help increase and enhance the school’s existing educational facilities.

Padua College
Inside La Cordelle (Photo credit: Padua College Kedron (Official)/Facebook)

“The proposal is considered to provide a maintain the existing residential amenity of the locale on the basis that the proposed education facilities primarily consists of non-residential sensitive uses, which has limited potential to adversely impact the surrounding residential Neighbourhoods,” said planners from Planning Initiatives.

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To learn more about Padua College’s proposal, visit Council’s PD Online with the reference A006335398.

Published 18-August-2023

Padua College’s 6th State of Origin Representative Didn’t Let His Grandfather Down

Origin 1 was on a knife edge. The Maroons had lost the lead to a controversial try (surely it was a knock-on) then wrestled it back when “The Hammer” was put away by the mercurial Cam Munster. Only 12 men on the field with tiring legs, then as they say, “cometh the hour cometh the man.” Step forward the prop, Padua College, Kedron’s Lindsay Collins.

It was a moment of utter brilliance! Daly Cherry-Evans launched a speculator. James “Teddy” Tedesco went up in the challenge with Lindsay but Collins launched himself and attacked the dipping ball as if there was only one outcome and the quick offload to the genius that is Cam Munster,
sealed yet another extraordinary chapter in the Maroons’ Origin Legacy.

It was no surprise that the whole Maroons team ran to Collins after the try. Munster had created room for Hamisa Tabuai-Fidow a few minutes earlier to put the Maroons back in front but the sheer effort of Collins to put Munster over was iconic.

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Lindsay’s grandfather, Lionel Williamson, was known as the “Innisfail Flyer,” a speed machine on the wing representing the Innisfail club, 50 years before Billy Slater scorched the Innisfail touchlines.

The Innisfail Flyer in action
Photo Credit:

Williamson went on to play first grade for the Newtown Jets in Sydney and represented Queensland and Australia, including scoring two tries in the 1968 World Cup final win over France.

Lionel Williamson
Photo Credit:

Lindsay himself, as a Padua College youngster, represented Queensland in Rugby Union as a flanker and played AFL as a ruckman. This led to him being invited to a Brisbane Lions rookie camp, though his junior Rugby League club, Brothers, fed his passion.

A stint at the Broncos began whilst still at Padua in year 11, but he continued to play Union for Padua which led to selection for the National Gold Squad with the ARU.

Lindsay Collins training in training with the Roosters.
Photo Credit:

The Sydney Roosters saw his potential and signed him in November of 2016, slipping through the Broncos’ fingers, the team he had always supported.

Collins was considered one of the standouts of Origin 2022. In Adelaide, the Padua boy took his reputation to a new level and delivered a boost to the extraordinary reputation Padua College has built, becoming their 6th graduate to play State of Origin.

Origin 2 kicks off at 8.05 p.m. on Wednesday, June 21 at Suncorp stadium.

Published 6 June 2023

Police Officers’ Fundraising Event At Padua College A Success

The Padua College at Kedron welcomed police and Police Liaison Officers from the North Brisbane District, the Mounted Unit and the Police Pipes and Drums for ‘Give Brain Cancer the Boot’ on 15 July 2021.

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‘Give Brain Cancer the Boot’ is a shoe-shining fundraising event, which aims to raise awareness and donations for brain cancer and its research. Padua students have their shoes shined by attending police, ARMY, sporting stars, college staff and senior students at the cost of a donation to the cause.

Acting Chief Superintendent Christopher Stream was only required to shine one set of shoes, but he tirelessly continued to polish a number of other students shoes of his volition.

Acting Superintendent Christopher Stream in action (Photo credit:
Padua Student’s getting ready to play Horsey Soccer (Photo credit:

During the event, the Police Pipes and Drums played their incredible tunes and provided an uplifting atmosphere to the event. The Police Mounted Officers and their two police horses, Geronimo and Felix, also played soccer with the students.

The event came to fruition through the dedication of Kerri McKinless, who is the wife of serving The Gap Station police officer, Senior Constable Brendan McKinless, who was sadly diagnosed with brain cancer (Oligodendroglioma) approximately three years ago. He went through three separate surgeries, extensive chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

All donations raised during the event will go to Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer Foundation which aims to raise funds towards research into brain cancer. It was founded by journalist and Gold Logie award-winning television and radio presenter Carrie Bickmore, whose husband Greg passed away in 2010 after a decade-long battle with brain cancer.

3 Kedron Schools Plan New Education Precinct at Old Stafford Depot

Padua College and Mount Alvernia College in Kedron jointly submitted a development application seeking to transform the former Brisbane City Council Stafford Depot into a sports, cultural, trade and education precinct that will also benefit Saint Anthony’s Primary School. If approved, the said facility should provide multiple sports and educational areas that will deliver significant value to the North Brisbane community. 

The masterplan (A005516358) includes the construction of an eight-lane running track, two gaming fields and several indoor game courts. The site will also have pools with tiered spectator seating, a community hall, and classrooms for arts and creative activities, as well as other educational programs. 

The education precinct proposal also includes relocating the Franciscan Colleges Instrumental Program (FCIP).  Padua College, Mount Alvernia College and Saint Anthony’s Primary School often collaborate for the FCIP and this plan will bring the students to one central location instead of travelling between schools. 

Photo Credit: PD Online/Brisbane City Council
Photo Credit: PD Online/Brisbane City Council

However, the project might evolve once further deliberations and consultations on how to best use the site is underway. A potential performing arts centre, a STEM and industrial skills facility, a garden, as well as a childcare centre, could be added to the original plan. 

The primary applicants are open to amendments and modifications and will periodically lodge additional development plans, when necessary. 

“The proposal is considered to provide a significant improvement to the residential amenity of the locale on the basis that the proposed education facilities primarily consists of nonresidential sensitive uses, in comparison to the previous non-residential uses of the site being the BCC Stafford depot and Stafford Quarry, which had greater potential to adversely impact the surrounding residential neighbourhoods,” the applicants’ consultant, Planning Initiatives, stated.“Education facilities are considered consistent and complementary with the locale given the proximity of the site to the nearby existing school campuses.” 

Padua College and Mount Alvernia College bought the Stafford Depot property from the Council in 2019 for its planned expansion. In a letter to the students’ parents, Mark McSweeney and Michael O’Brien, the school board chairmen, said that they will come up with a masterplan for the “long-term future” of this education precinct.

Kedron Catholic Schools to Undertake 30-Minute Stop Work Action

School staff at 206 Queensland Catholic schools, including three schools located in Kedron, will undertake a 30-minute stop work action on Tuesday, 19 November 2019.

Mount Alvernia College, Padua College, St Anthony’s School are among the authorised Catholic schools to participate in the short work stoppage. The latest action was announced by Independent Education Union – QNT following a range of work bans on 7 November.

The work bans undertaken in 195 authorised Chapters include the banning of attendance at any meeting of staff; banning duties during scheduled meal breaks; banning supervision or cover periods; banning playground/transport supervision; and banning employer requests for data collection or analysis.

Whilst an agreement was reached on a number of issues raised during the Single Bargaining Unit (SBU) meeting, IEUA-QNT said that they were left with no choice but to escalate their campaign after employers failed to implement meaningful interventions to address work intensification, resolve middle/senior leader issues, and  continued to stand against $1250 on-off payment to all school staff.

“The 30-minute stop work will allow Chapter members to meet to consider the employers’ positions and the member actions necessary to address our final remaining issues.”
Independent Education Union – QNT

Authorised Queensland Catholic schools will participate in a 30-minute stop work action from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. on 19 November as a result of “employers’ continued failure to put in place meaningful interventions to deal with work intensification or resolve middle/senior leader issues,” Independent Education Union – QNT said.

The outstanding issues that led the union to consider a 30-minutes stop work action include: striking a better work-life balance; middle and senior Leaders issues; and contemporary pay and wage parity.

Queensland Catholic Education Commission, on the other hand, announced that Catholic schools will be open and operating on 19 November and said that all students would be appropriately supervised and that QCEC would keep the impact of the stop work action to a minimum. Moreover, QCEC said that employers are still keen on finalising the negotiations as soon as possible.  

“Employers have put forward an offer that includes a 2.5 per cent general wage increase, a generous package of improved benefits for Middle and Senior Leaders and increased pay for Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers,” QCEC Executive Director Dr Lee-Anne Perry said. 

“Employers have also offered to cut classroom contact time for primary teachers to allow more time for collaboration.”
The full list of 206 authorised Catholic schools can be found here.