Enjoy Authentic Italian Pizza at the Popular Prova Pizzeria

Eager for a slice of authentic Italian pizza? Prova pizzeria has provided the Stafford Heights community with top-notch pizza for over four years now and its loyal following continues to grow.

Prova is a restaurant that takes great pride in its menu, which includes a selection of authentic Italian pizzas to choose from such as margherita, gamberi, or funghi. The restaurant provides its customers with unique dining experiences weekly through their Pizza Specials, limited-time pizzas that can’t be ordered from their permanent menu. 

A popular example of these specials is a pizza made with white base, mozzarella cheese, rocket pesto, six-hours slow-cooked beef short rib, and walnut salsa. 

Photo credit: Instagram/PROVA PIZZERIA

Where It All Began

Prova Pizzeria, one of the busiest and most beloved pizza joints in Stafford Heights, was founded by Joseph Vecchio and Caterina Sullivan over four years ago. The duo remarked that witnessing the community grow up along their restaurant has been a heartening experience, as they got to see the students who dined at the restaurants with their families start to pay for their own bills after becoming young adults. 

The restaurant first came about as a side-job as Mr Vecchio was working on building projects at the time. Soon after, their pizzeria became the focus of their lives, with Mr Vecchio working the kitchen and Ms Sullivan running the front-of-house. 

Great Reviews

Satisfied customers have generally left positive reviews, lauding the restaurant’s excellent staff and service, as well as their delicious pizza. 

One customer had even remarked that “Prova Pizzeria will never disappoint you,” and that it was a “fabulous local restaurant.” Another described their meals as “…food as if straight from Nonna’s kitchen to your plate…” which brings the restaurant’s comforting flavours to light. 

Photo credit: Facebook/Prova Pizzeria

Prova can be found at 61 Wilgarning St, Stafford Heights, open Tuesday to Sunday from 5:30 p.m. onwards. For more information, visit their website here. Check their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on meals, deals, dates, and other special announcements concerning the restaurant.