Locals at Odds Over Kedron State High School’s New Security Fence

A new, $1.2-million security fence installed at Kedron State High School has garnered mixed reactions from the local community.

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The two-metre tall fence was put up to improve security and prevent trespassing and vandalism at the school grounds. However, some residents believe it makes the school look too much like a prison.

“Agree with the idea but why security fence needed?” said one member of the school’s public group on Facebook.

Photo credit: Kedron State High School/Facebook

However, other locals argued that the fence was necessary to keep out troublemakers, with one saying it was not “fencing them in but rather fencing undesirables out.” Some even liked the colour of the fence, adding that it complemented the school’s uniform.

“At just over two metres tall, our first brand new fence since 1962 creates a remarkable security contrast with the previous (approx 2 foot 6 inch) chain wire fence next door at the former college,” said a member of the Kedron State High School Class Photos group.

Photo credit: Kedron State High School/Facebook

The school had reportedly seen an increase in vandalism and issues with dog waste being left on its sports ovals by non-students in recent years.

Kedron State High School is one of 58 Queensland state schools to have installed new security fences between 2020 and 2023 based on security incident reports, according to the Department of Education. Security incidents include trespassing, burglary, and arson attempts.

The new security fence is constructed from panels made up of black spear-top steel pickets and rails, with galvanised steel tubing. This type of fencing is one of the designs approved by the Department of Education for areas where the school boundary is accessible from public spaces like sidewalks or roads. 

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The department conducts annual security risk assessments of schools and funds security upgrades like fences to protect students, faculty, and property. Five more schools are slated to receive new fences in 2023 and 2024.

Published 26-July-2023