Stafford Heights Residence Restoration Strikes the Perfect Balance

Updating an old home is a balancing act of adding modern elements while retaining the charm of its original character. The Stafford Heights Residence is the perfect example of a restoration process that strikes the balance effectively.

After acquiring the property eight years ago, Lisa has decided to restore the home’s retro charm. The house suffered from maintenance issues such as utility problems, peeling paint, and roofing concerns. It’s about time for a much-needed restoration.

The house suffered from maintenance issues such as utility problems, peeling paint, and roofing concerns.
Photo Credit: Paul Butterworth Architect

Lisa turned to Paul Butterworth Architect to breathe new life into the decaying structure.

Paul’s direction was simple. He retained most of the existing home with fresh coat of paint, refinished floors, and a new roof to ensure the longevity of the house. The living space was expanded to accommodate an open, spacious dining area.

Photo Credit: Paul Butterworth Architect

The mid-century terrace at the entrance sets the tone for the home. Breeze blocks and V-shaped steel beams mimic the geometric blue triangles painted on the garage below.

Photo Credit: Paul Butterworth Architect

Lisa loves the mid-century style, and it clearly reflects on the project. Inspired by iconic residences such as the Rose Seidler House and the now-demolished El Dorado Motel in Gold Coast, she aimed for the same playful elements.

Yellow became the central theme, with the front door sporting a vibrant chartreuse hue. Similarly coloured square creates striking accents.

Photo Credit: Paul Butterworth Architect

The outdated kitchen received an overhaul. The floating island remained with a lively yellow laminate countertop, but the real eye candy of this space is the abstract mural done by local artist, Drapl. This area seamlessly connects the indoors to the outdoors, capitalising on the views of Morton Bay, refreshing sea breezes, and the subtropical climate.

Photo Credit: Paul Butterworth Architect

Paul emphasises the value of preserving historical homes. “They are a legacy for memory and a testament to the people that built them & the families that were born & raised in them,” he says. He believes that even if the owner has the budget to demolish and rebuild, he wouldn’t still have done it.

“Lisa didn’t know how to ‘fix’ her home, but we helped curate her initiative into an outcome that fulfils her needs and enriches her lifestyle. The opportunities to create interesting outcomes for existing homes and homeowners are endless, we just need to ask the right questions.”

Published 27-April-2024

Couple Arrested After String of Break and Enter Offences

A couple, a 26-year-old man from Warner and a 33-year-old woman from Chermside, have been arrested and charged concerning a series of break and enter offences in the Stafford Heights and Chermside areas earlier this week.

The incidents began unfolding around 7:15 am on Tuesday, February 6th when residents of a home on Ringrose Street in Stafford Heights arrived to find two men allegedly loading property from their residence into a red Hyundai IX35. The offenders had allegedly forced entry through the front door and stolen items from three bedrooms.

As the alleged thieves fled the scene in the Hyundai, the quick-thinking residents avoided their cars from the thieves’ route, narrowly avoiding a collision. Some stolen goods spilled from the open boot of the getaway car along Webster Road and Kitchener Road.

A short time later, police received a report of the suspected red Hyundai parked in the car park of a unit complex on Spark Street in Chermside. Upon arriving at the location, officers allege they found not only the vehicle, which had been reported stolen from Aspley on January 25th, but a large haul of suspected stolen property inside.

Further investigations led police to a nearby hotel room, where they allegedly uncovered more stolen goods taken from a unit on Latham Street in Chermside.

The 26-year-old Warner man was arrested and charged with entering a dwelling to commit an indictable offence, two counts of unlawful use of a motor vehicle, receiving tainted property, and possession of a knife in a public place. He is due to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court on February 28th.

His alleged 33-year-old female accomplice from Chermside was charged with receiving tainted property and possessing drug utensils. She is scheduled to face Brisbane Magistrates Court on March 8th.

Police state a third man allegedly fled the scene and remains at large. They are appealing to the public for any further information related to the case.

If you have information for police, contact Policelink by providing information using the online suspicious activity form 24hrs per day at or call 131 444.

Report crime information anonymously via Crime Stoppers. Call 1800 333 000 or report online at

Quote these reference numbers: QP2400211073, QP2400209561, QP2400144861, QP2400211196

Published 8-February-2024

Rode Meats Under New Management As Owners Retire After 43 Years

After 43 years in the business, the couple behind Rode Meats, a beloved neighbourhood butcher shop in Stafford Heights, has retired and handed over the reins to new management.

Rode Meats isn’t closing, however. Brad and Julie will be passing on the business to a new owner, Will. With Will’s determination and commitment, customers will enjoy a reassuring continuity in the same legacy of quality and services that Rode Meats provides.

The enduring loyalty of the staff further bolsters this assurance, as familiar faces will remain to ensure the business retains its warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Rode Meats has been a mainstay at the Rode Road Shopping Centre since 1980, supplying premium meats and fostering community connections with generations of customers. 

Rode Meats Brad and Julie
Photo Credit: Rode Meats/Facebook

With heartfelt messages pouring in from customers, Brad and Julie conveyed their mixed emotions regarding their retirement. 

Brad’s journey started as a 13-year-old clean-up boy and he expressed profound gratitude for the unwavering support of the community that propelled his and Julie’s dream to fruition. Julie, who handled the business operations behind the scenes, also bid a sentimental farewell to her role in the enterprise.

Brad’s promise to continue aiding during peak periods serves as a comforting reassurance that the transition is not a complete departure, but rather a seamless evolution.

“This isn’t a goodbye, I’ll still be around to help out around the busy periods. But for now, a massive thank you and a see you soon!” he said.  

Rode Meats
Photo Credit: Rode Meats/Facebook

Kay Meredith, a long-time customer, expressed her appreciation for the enriching experiences shared around the dinner table, while Tris Rowland commended the seamless transition the couple achieved after taking over from the previous owner.

Anne-Maree Houghton underscored the diverse array of products that had adorned countless dining tables throughout the years.

Follow Rode Meats on Facebook for updates from the new management. 

Stafford Heights Baby Defies Odds After Being Born With Stomach Outside His Body

Harrison McLaren was born with his stomach and bowels protruding outside his body. Now eight months old, he is thriving and well. Find out how the McLaren family from Stafford Heights faced this formidable challenge, with the help of the medical team at Mater Mothers’ Hospital in South Brisbane.

Harrison was born with gastroschisis, a rare and challenging birth defect that left his abdominal wall compromised, resulting in his stomach and bowels protruding outside his body.

Mum Jessica McLaren shared that her pregnancy scan at 20 weeks was a turning point for her and her husband, Christopher.

Despite initial reassurances and already visualising a healthy future for their child, they received devastating news over the phone that their child had gastroschisis. With the news, the McLarens entered a world of uncertainty and concern.

The expectant couple was advised that surgery was the only viable option and that it needed to take place shortly after Harrison’s birth in November 2022.

“After the phone call, I started researching the birth defect and this is when the panic and fear truly set in,” Jessica said.

“The images online of gastroschisis are very confronting. I immediately called my husband and we both took the next couple of days off work to process the news.

“All you want and wish for is a healthy baby and to be delivered such news was devastating.”

Stafford Heights Miracle Baby Harrison McLaren
Photo Credit: Supplied

Of the 10,000 babies born at Mater Mother’s Hospital every year, about 15 babies are admitted for management of gastroschisis. 

However, their journey took a positive turn as Harrison’s arrival was meticulously planned by Mater Mothers’ NICU team, helping to alleviate some of the anxiety of his parents surrounding his birth.

Stafford Heights Miracle Baby Harrison McLaren
Photo Credit: Supplied

His surgery was postponed until his organs could be maneuvered inside his body, a feat accomplished three days after his birth with remarkable success.

Mater Director of Neonatology, Dr. Pita Birch, credited Mater’s standardised gastroschisis feeding guidelines for aiding in the improved outcomes for babies with this condition. The guidelines facilitated the progression of milk feeds, minimizing infections and hastening patient discharge. The approach, including its application to Harrison, contributed to his relatively short hospital stay.

Through a multidisciplinary neonatal intensive care team, Harrison was provided with round-the-clock care during his nearly one-month hospitalisation, with seamless collaboration between Mater Mothers’ and Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Stafford Heights Miracle Baby Harrison McLaren
Photo Credit: Supplied

Today, baby Harrison, at eight months old, is healthy and thriving. Mrs McLaren credits every individual involved in his medical journey for her son’s remarkable recovery, describing him as a true miracle.

“Having to leave the hospital without Harrison was extremely taxing on my mental health –  walking out of those hospital doors without Harry in my arms was an emptiness I have never experienced,” she said.

“I get extremely emotional thinking about the care I received at the Mater especially the NICU team. The love and care they provide for not only your child but yourself and family is phenomenal,” she said.

“The medical specialists are simply world-class I couldn’t be more thankful for each person that played a role in Harrison’s recovery.

“He is most definitely our miracle. He made the most incredible recovery. To say that Harrison is strong and resilient would be an understatement.”

Published 22-Aug-2023

This New Vegan Cafe In Stafford Heights Will Reward Your Eco-friendly Coffee Habit

Enoki Coffee & Co, a new vegetarian and vegan cafe, just opened in Stafford Heights earlier this month. This cafe is worth checking out not just for the food and the coffee, but for its unique initiative on fighting the war on waste.

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At Enoki Coffee & Co, those who will use keep cups will be offered discounts on coffee. This cafe, which focuses on supporting local farmers, growers and producers, will also give a 50 percent off on half-serves – a nice move to help reduce food waste.

Enoki Coffee & Co is the brainchild of Lene Ritter, a nurse and hairdresser and her partner Chris Allen, a professional painter. They are newcomers in the hospitality scene, but they have tried numerous cafes throughout the city. They will have the guidance of friends Jason Cilliers and Tim Duncan, who own the Semi-Pro coffee roastery in North Lakes. 

Lene Ritter and Chris Allen (Photo credit: Enoki Coffee & Co/Instagram)
Photo credit: Enoki Coffee & Co/Instagram

Semi-Pro will supply their house variety but the cafe will also have their own coffee menu that will be on rotation. They are planning to focus on cold and batch brews, but milk coffees will also be an option.

As environmentally friendly individuals, the duo are planning to introduce composting at the cafe for all their food scraps and Ms Ritter will also be growing a range of seedlings and selling them onsite.

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For the food, there will be vegan waffles, garden brito bowl (their version of Korean bibimbap), halloumi bagel, and tempura Enoki with tofu. Desserts, on the other hand, will be supplied by Sweet Nectar whilst baked goodies will be coming from French Tart.

Inside Enoki Coffee & Co (Photo credit: Enoki Coffee & Co/Instagram)

Another interesting fact, this place is dog-friendly! If you want to check out Enoki Coffee & Co, visit them in Stafford Heights from 7:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. during weekdays and from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on weekends. (And don’t forget your masks and your keep cups!)

Follow Enoki Coffee & Co on Facebook or on Instagram @enokicoffee for updates.

Enjoy Authentic Italian Pizza at the Popular Prova Pizzeria

Eager for a slice of authentic Italian pizza? Prova pizzeria has provided the Stafford Heights community with top-notch pizza for over four years now and its loyal following continues to grow.

Prova is a restaurant that takes great pride in its menu, which includes a selection of authentic Italian pizzas to choose from such as margherita, gamberi, or funghi. The restaurant provides its customers with unique dining experiences weekly through their Pizza Specials, limited-time pizzas that can’t be ordered from their permanent menu. 

A popular example of these specials is a pizza made with white base, mozzarella cheese, rocket pesto, six-hours slow-cooked beef short rib, and walnut salsa. 

Photo credit: Instagram/PROVA PIZZERIA

Where It All Began

Prova Pizzeria, one of the busiest and most beloved pizza joints in Stafford Heights, was founded by Joseph Vecchio and Caterina Sullivan over four years ago. The duo remarked that witnessing the community grow up along their restaurant has been a heartening experience, as they got to see the students who dined at the restaurants with their families start to pay for their own bills after becoming young adults. 

The restaurant first came about as a side-job as Mr Vecchio was working on building projects at the time. Soon after, their pizzeria became the focus of their lives, with Mr Vecchio working the kitchen and Ms Sullivan running the front-of-house. 

Great Reviews

Satisfied customers have generally left positive reviews, lauding the restaurant’s excellent staff and service, as well as their delicious pizza. 

One customer had even remarked that “Prova Pizzeria will never disappoint you,” and that it was a “fabulous local restaurant.” Another described their meals as “…food as if straight from Nonna’s kitchen to your plate…” which brings the restaurant’s comforting flavours to light. 

Photo credit: Facebook/Prova Pizzeria

Prova can be found at 61 Wilgarning St, Stafford Heights, open Tuesday to Sunday from 5:30 p.m. onwards. For more information, visit their website here. Check their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on meals, deals, dates, and other special announcements concerning the restaurant.

The Colour Nine Cafe in Stafford Heights is One of the Must-Visit cafes in North Brisbane

If you are looking for a child- and pet-friendly cafe around North Brisbane, The Colour Nine cafe in Stafford Heights is a must-visit for you.

Located in a quiet Stafford Heights neighbourhood, The Colour Nine is a charming cafe that became a local-favourite for its flavourful food and friendly staff.

Photo credit:

Interestingly, this cafe is a partnership between two friends, a dream 10 years in the making.

The Colour Nine owners’ passion for great food is reflected on their menu which boasts healthy food options inspired by flavours around the world. This is also probably why the cafe is one of the best in the suburb.

The Colour Nine’s World of Flavours


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One of their newest offers is a Thai-inspired dish. It comes with house-made Thai fish cakes, Asian salad with Nam Jim dressing, and crispy noodles.

Photo credit: The Colour Nine/Facebook

Another foodie-favourite dish from the cafe is their Korean Fried Chicken Burger. It comes with crispy fried chicken, choice of sweet chilli or soy garlic sauce, daikon radish, baby cos lettuce, and sriracha mayo with a side of sweet potato crisps.

Photo credit: The Colour Nine/Facebook

For those who are eating extra healthy this year, you can grab The Colour Nine’s Winter Bowl. This is a combination of turmeric quinoa, shredded beetroot, sauerkraut, avocado, hummus, poached egg, and spiral zucchini with a chimichurri dressing, all topped with dukkah.


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The Colour Nine Cafe in Stafford Heights is open from 6:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Mondays to Fridays and 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.