Approved Development for Ellendale Retail Centre to Add a Swim School

A new swim school has been submitted for inclusion at an approved shopping, food, and medical centre development in Upper Kedron. The neighbourhood centre, to be called Ellendale Retail Centre, is situated along Canvey Road, Levitt Road and Honeyeater Street.

The development application (DA A005625123) proposes the inclusion of an Indoor Sport and Recreation site within a row of shops and a health care service facility. 

“The proposal adequately manages the impact on the amenity and character of adjacent uses in the locally with respect to the overall outcomes of the zone,” the developer Town Planning Alliance stated. 

“The new Indoor Sport and Recreation Facility requires 15 spaces, meaning this application proposes a shortfall of 5 spaces. The swim school will operate at off peak times for the centre and therefore mitigate the shortfall.” 

Photo Credit: PD Online/Brisbane City Council
Photo Credit: PD Online/Brisbane City Council

Meanwhile, a few residents have welcomed the planned town centre but expressed a need for a small green grocer and bakery. They also said that having a new medical facility with a chemist will be a huge help to the residents who have to drive miles away to get their prescriptions filled out.

However, one resident raised a question about the water quality and wildlife on Cedar Creek.

“What work will occur to ensure this precinct does bit adversely impact the Creek?” the resident asked.

Construction of Ellendale Retail Centre has not yet started. The Council approved the site on 20 Nov 2020 (DA A005343816) but will still decide on the separate application for the pool facility’s addition.