Walk the Plank: Bradbury Park Challenge Goes Viral Despite Safety Concerns

The ‘Walk the Plank challenge’ in Bradbury Park’s new $10 million adventure playground has become a viral sensation on TikTok, attracting families from all over Brisbane.

The new playground at Bradbury Park provides a unique play environment aimed at older children, but with plenty of fun for younger, more adventurous children. It features challenging elements such as the walk the plank installation, a 20cm wide beam with a grippy surface over a soft mat.

According to a local mother’s online post, her child fell 3m from the plank and injured his spine. She complained to the council that the feature was too dangerous. Viral TikTok videos, however, have only encouraged more people to try it.

Bradbury Park
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

While the Council states that Bradbury Park upgrade meets Australian Playground Safety Standards, it recognizes that the playscape has some very challenging aspects that some children may not feel ready to navigate.

Local parents found in the park said the playscape was safe with supervision. Older children crossed the plank while younger ones watched nervously. All parents agreed that it provided a unique, challenging play experience not found in many other Brisbane parks.

Should you let your kids test their bravery at the plank walk? Visit Bradbury Park and decide for yourself, but be sure to provide close supervision.

Published 7 October 2023