Greville Terraces Residential Precinct to Rise on Bridge St, Wooloowin

Plans have been laid out for the construction of Greville Terraces, a townhouse facility in the former Sisters of Mercy site on Bridge St in Wooloowin.

Per the development application (DA A005904947), the multiple dwelling precinct will consist of five residential clusters with a maximum three-storey height. Each townhouse, separated into clusters, will have its own private space through the balconies and heaps of communal open spaces. 

Per the planners, RPS Group, “The dwellings have been designed to ensure a high standard of materials and finish, and to incorporate variation and articulation in façade design between individual homes through the provision of varied dwelling types. Dwellings are provided in three types which vary in lot depths, frontage widths and garage widths. The intention is to create a cohesive internal streetscape through consistent setbacks to internal roads, while simultaneously providing architectural diversity through varied lot types, design elements, and articulation and recesses.”

Photo Credit: DA A005904947/BCC
Photo Credit: DA A005904947/BCC

The clusters will have 50 car parking spaces plus an additional 12 car parking spaces for visitors. Bike storage areas for each unit will also be allotted. The townhouses will also have new internal driveway access to connect the different clusters.

Graceville Terraces will stand on the heritage site, Holy Cross Laundry (Heritage Laundry). Per RPS Group, “The eastern section of the driveway is the only section of the proposal which is located in the Heritage Laundry Precinct. The proposed dwellings are not located within the Heritage Laundry Precinct, however, they comply with the maximum building height and setbacks plan requirement for the precinct.”

Heritage Laundry was built around 1889 and has long been planned for repurposing as a residential site, following its sale in 2015. A small section of the land will remain under the use of the Sisters of Mercy when Graceville Terraces is completed.

The master-planned urban community will be a mix of modern apartments with facets of a Queensland terrace home, alongside the adaptive reuse of existing heritage buildings. There will also be a parkland within the village. 

Mother-&-Daughter Team Expands Coddle & Co in Wooloowin

Although the pandemic hasn’t made things easy for the food and retail industry, a family-owned neighbourhood shop on Kedron Park Road, has grown against the odds. Managed by mother and daughter pair Julie and Meg Hopkins, Coddle & Co has moved to a new site in Wooloowin and expanded their business.

Coddle & Co now sits just across the road from their old home. After the pair saw the opportunity to take on a bigger site, it didn’t take long for them to push through with the expansion. 

Coddle & Co is a cafe specializing in homemade cakes and delightful brunches but it’s also a gift shop and a garden store all rolled into one.

Photo Credit: Facebook

The new space, which opened at the end of August, is double their old size and has enabled Julie and Meg to expand their community library. It now has a dedicated reading space and a larger display of their lifestyle items for sale.

“Coming into our shop is an extension of visiting our home,” the pair said. “Careful selection of beautiful plants and affordable gifts means a visit to Coddle and Co. is a fulfillment of the senses. Everything in the store can be beautifully gift wrapped for no extra charge.”

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

Julie said that neighbourhood stores and suburban cafes are reviving and thriving in this pandemic because shoppers don’t want to be in shopping centres. People who work from home enjoy a break of coffee and cakes at uncrowded local village shops. 

Coddle & Co also hasn’t had any problems with social distancing customers, who obligingly line up for their takeaways. The store has also introduced a range of breakfast items to go from BRKFST

Photo Credit: Facebook

For trading hours and store updates, follow the shop’s Facebook page. The cafe is on the Skip App for ordering in advance to collect at their coffee window.  

We love everything about Coddle & Co from the amazing gifts on offer, perfectly brewed coffee and delicious treats too. Most of all, we love sharing our morning with a welcome smile and lovely chat from Meg and Jules.

Cassie Mathewson, Facebook

Those ladies really know how to make a coffee! Along with a wonderful plethora of knick-knacks and beautiful trinkets for your viewing or purchasing pleasure. It even has a community library so you can take/leave books at your own disclosure! And don’t even get me started on the toasted sandwiches…How can someone make a simple toasted Ham & Cheese taste so bloody fantastic!

Cory Sillence, Google Reviews

I stop here almost every Monday for a coffee and a quick bite and to do some work. Consistently delicious coffee, warm and welcoming faces and delicious toasties! Their gifts also make it easy to shop for friends’ birthdays.

Gamze Berberoğlu, Google Reviews

New Homes Coming To Wooloowin

A new residential development in Wooloowin is bringing in more than 150 new homes to the suburb.

Despite several objections from local residents, Council has approved the proposed residential development at 22 Morris Street, Wooloowin on 5 June 2018.

Bexley Wooloowin

Photo credit: Bexley Wooloowin/Facebook

The integrated housing development is one of the latest projects of Cedar Woods. The 3.8-hectare estate aims to provide a connected community which is just five kilometres from the CBD and walking distance to public transport.

Plans for Bexley include the development of three mid-rise premium apartment buildings with 85 premium terrace homes.

Photo credit: Brisbane Planning and Development Online

As part of the project, demolition at the former convent site in Wooloowin will be carried out by the developer and heritage buildings will be preserved and adapted for multipurpose residential and community use.

The project will transform the original 1889-built laundry building into residences. On the other hand, the former convent built in 1912 will probably become a child care centre.

The development will also feature a community centrepiece consisting of 4,000 sqm of an onsite recreational park. It will include a community park with car and bicycle parking for visitors. The development will also include a heritage trail to pay homage to the history of the site.

According to the proposal, the developer will deliver the project over a five-year period.

Plans for a Separate Bikeway at Wooloowin to Link North Brisbane Bikeway to Kedron Brook Making Residents Unhappy

The Council has recently announced its plans for an on-road separated bikeway at Price Street, Wooloowin to link the North Brisbane Bikeway to Kedron Brook. Some residents and business owners are not happy about the plans as the proposed bikeway can cause tons of inconveniences for the community while serving an estimate of one hundred cyclists.

The project is open for community consultation until the 8th of May 2018. Residents are encouraged to have their say on the project by completing the survey form provided by the Brisbane City Council or sending them an email at

Photo credit:

The North Brisbane Bikeway – Price Street to Kedron Brook project is part of the Council’s Better Bikeways for Brisbane program, which aims to create dedicated bikeways and active travel options with a $100 million investment.

Construction Plans

The project plans include installations of three-metre-wide on-road separated bikeways along the western side of Kent Road, between Price Street and Rose Street; along the eastern side of Park Road, between Rose Street and Brook Road; and along the northern side of Rose Street, between Kent Road and Park Road with an addition of 1.5-metre-wide pedestrian footpath.

Photo credit:

A new cycle street along Brook Road will also be built for shared use by vehicles and cyclists. Another 150-metre-long concrete path will also be constructed along the southern side of Brook Road.

Expected benefits

The Council has identified several benefits that the project will bring to the community. Such benefits include an uninterrupted recreation and commuter route for residents from the northern suburbs, enhanced access to local destinations and the CBD, road safety improvements, and reduction of traffic congestion.

Impact on the local community

A parking survey commissioned by the Council as part of their investigations has found that several car parking spaces were currently underutilised or used by commuters. With this, they plan to remove approximately 69 informal on-street parking spaces to accommodate the bike lanes.

Residential bin zones will also be changed and placed on the road, between the bikeway and road carriageway for collection.

Some of the trees that will be removed along Kent Road. Photo credit: Google Street View

Five trees from Kent Road and four trees from Rose Street will also need to be removed in order to complete the project.

Such decisions has elicited negative reactions from residents who claim that the plans are focused on providing advantages for cyclists without regard to the local community. Residents are also concerned about drainage problems that cause frequent flooding on the corner of Kent and Junction Roads. They claim that such problems should be prioritised before the construction of the project.

Provide your feedback

Members of the local community can provide their feedback for the project until Tuesday, 8 May 2018 through the following:

  1. Call the project team on 1800 010 705 (during business hours) or the Council on 07 3403 8888 (after hours).
  2. Email the project team at
  3. Complete the online survey.
  4. Write to:

North Brisbane Bikeway – Price Street to Kedron Brook project
City Projects
Brisbane City Council
GPO Box 1434
Brisbane Qld 4001